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Reviewed by tblack13 7

I just saw this movie on DVD. It was very fun for a no budget Sci-Fi movie. I just loved Jeffrey Meek's performance - sleek with a touch of camp - great delivery and killer expressions. I will watch this one again.

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Reviewed by liammurphy1 7

Although this movie is set 250 years in the future they still use the same floppy disks we used 5 years ago and the same guns they used in cop movies 20 years ago except with an added whoosing noise I guess the budget didn&#39;t run to make super duper men in black style basookas and the lead villain is soooooooo camp it&#39;s beyond a joke. Former Bond girl Maryam d&#39;abo must have really fallen on bad times to make this trash. The only redeeming feature in this tripe is arye gross wisecracking thief good guy who helps d&#39;abo fight the bad guys.<br/><br/>although it&#39;s utter trash, I still enjoyed this movie mainly because it didn&#39;t take itself too seriously<br/><br/>So it gets a Healthy 7/10 from me

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Reviewed by djray65 1

Well, I went in to this film knowing full well it was no &quot;Star wars&quot; but this was extra cheesy. I love sci-fi movies and hoped this would at lest entertain me for a while. I was wrong. As for the sci-fi part, it was missing. First of all there was no time travail, time warping...nothing to do with time but wasting it. This was not even a B-movie. Saddly, the acting and FX were not so great ether. They stunk. It looks like they filmed it in an old wear house. I don&#39;t even remember if I made it to the end of this bomb. This had o be a tax right-off for someone. If you like bombs, or hate your self, then this for you, if not stay away...far away. Run if you have to.

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