Timeless Love


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by phd_travel 8

The premise is interesting and involving - a woman awakes from a coma remembering a husband and kids she never had. Later she meets the man in her memories when she is sent to work for him as a temp. Rachel Skarsten acts quite well. Brant Daugherty plays the man. You want to see how things turn out. Is it a premonition of her future life? How does she know things about him and their life together. Better story than the average Hallmark movie.

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Reviewed by mlmcdermottu 10

This cute, Hallmark-like movie left me feeling just how I wanted it to, warm, happy, and satisfied. I get enough of real life everyday. TGIF for wholesome, romantic shows.

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Reviewed by beanieburger 10

Engaging original storyline. A good movie to watch with the whole family!

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