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Reviewed by veronicamilesfilm 7

I've never seen anything like this beautiful work of art. Thank you to the Richardson family for sharing your story. I hope this film changes lives and minds, the world is a better place with this film in it.

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Reviewed by kyrajcostner 9

When I heard that this was becoming a documentary I knew that I had to see it. This is a beautiful story of a strong family!! God is truly good and has blessed them to see what so many others have not. I definitely cried a few times. Sibil is an inspiration. God bless them. I really wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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Reviewed by giacomo_101 6

I almost lost hope in this documentary, but that hope was rectified with the final 15 beautiful minutes. However even though the documentary finished strong, as a whole it really failed to grip me!<br/><br/>The overall backbone of the film, was for me the journey that the family experienced whilst growing up without a father. This journey for me was incomplete. As a viewer I wanted to know how the mother created her own narrative and was reborn from the ashes, completely rising up from the total desperation of before she was incarcerated. How the children were effected by this when they were small children to when they were adults. Not just raw footage of a baby and then current video of a graduation. The director showed us the beginning and the end, unfortunately I found no middle ground.

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