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Reviewed by bob the moo 7

Rachel is a young woman married to a very rich older man, Holden Avery. However a night out with her friend Carla ends with a one night stand with Travis. Travis is working with Carla and they produce photographs of the two together. Travis tries to blackmail Rachel for $100,000 to destroy the photographs, but Carla is also working with Rachel in a bigger plot involving murder and double-crosses.<br/><br/>I didn&#39;t have high hopes for this due to it&#39;s unknown cast and the speed with which it reached TV. At the start it looked like another TV film with the same old plot, however it actually gets a bit cleverer than that and has some nice twists and turns, some you expect and some you don&#39;t. The clocks winding time back stuff allows us to jump back in forth in time every time a twist occurs - letting us see how the twist came about and a little back story or to see the same events from a different point of view. This is cleverly done but is nothing more than a fancy flashback tool. The twists get a bit silly after a while and aren&#39;t as credible the more the film goes on. It&#39;s a shame because it starts picking up momentum only to get too fast to be believable.<br/><br/>The unknown cast do a reasonable job, Kristin Minter is the best role (although I felt she was needless shot nude just to keep viewers interest). Megan Ward is not great, she is too tearful and scared at the start and too ruthless at the end, but she does OK. Ashby is also weak with a good ol&#39; boy character. David Duke is one of the worst - not really doing anything with his character or lines. Ratzenberger (best known from Cheers) is good as a private eye but his scenes are often daft and this makes him look bad - for example he is following Rachel as she meets someone in a deserted parking lot, he parks 5 cars lengths away in the middle of an empty lot but doesn&#39;t get noticed! Most of his scenes have stupid mistakes like that, things that a real PI would never get away with.<br/><br/>Overall this is cleverer than I thought it would be. The &quot;tick-tock&quot; element makes the flashback idea more interesting, but the twists that are so good at first quickly get silly and a bit tiresome.

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Reviewed by whpratt1 7

Viewed this film which was called &quot;A Friendship to Die For&quot;, and through out the entire picture you noticed a clock in quite a few scenes and I wondered why, now I find out the picture was really called &quot;Tick Tock&quot; and it makes more sense. There seemed to always be a rush against the clock in this film about two females who were great friends and had a wonderful deep love for each other which was boiling over and over. Megan Ward, (Rachel Avery), &quot;Mirror Man&quot;,&#39;03 and Kristin Minter,(Carla),&quot;Pissed&quot;,&#39;05 were the two lovers who had a clever plan and a poor sucker of a guy gets roped into all kinds of situations. There is a private detective who drives around a beat up piece of junk something like a &quot;Colombo&quot; style vehicle only Worse. All kinds of murders happen and bodies are transported here and there. You will simply love the ending, which I thought was simply Great. Enjoy

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Reviewed by CraigA23 7

This is a nifty, no nonsense thriller that starts out almost like Thelma &amp; Louise and then veers sharply into darker territory. Megan Ward gets top billing but the movie is driven by a strong performance from Kristin Minter (E.R.) as a bad, bad girl. The plot is the usual tangle of cross and double cross that typifies the genre, but director/writer Kevin Tenney keeps the audience on its toes with some clever editing that yanks the viewer around in the timeline and shows events from the viewpoint of different characters. There&#39;s plenty of blood and violence and some dark humor. There&#39;s also an unexpected and quite gratuitous nude scene by Kristin Minter but, hey, who&#39;s complaining. Worth a look.

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