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Reviewed by lunalover-20289 10

Powerful performances by the talented young cast, beautiful dream-like cinematography and creative plot twists lift this surprisingly poignant thriller far above its "horror" genre. This is a timely tale of love and loss and a personal search for answers in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. This one is well worth a watch - and a re-watch!

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Reviewed by politehere 3

The movie makes you think it&#39;s about a killer child, about the Christian Rapture, about love and betrayal and about a psychopath (and about other things I can&#39;t think of right now, but maybe you can). What this movie is really about, you will know only when the movie ends, and even then, you&#39;ll have doubts as to whether it was really about what you think it is or not. You might think this means the movie is in fact a mystery. Well, in a way it is, but it&#39;s a pretty confusing and frustrating one and the payoff is really not worth going through all that frustration and confusion. You might go from supernatural explanations for what is happening in the movie to a pretty mundane one or vice versa (I won&#39;t tell you which one, because I don&#39;t want to spoil the movie for you). The acting is good, the cinematography is fine, the music score is a dreamy sort and tries to make you feel some sort of emotion, although you won&#39;t know what sort of emotion you&#39;re supposed to feel (perhaps just calm?). During the movie, you&#39;ll be constantly asking yourself &quot;What is really going on?&quot;, so if you can&#39;t stand vagueness and confusion or a rather vague and confusing ending, watching this movie will not be a good experience for you. I know it wasn&#39;t for me. I have seen vague and confusing movies before, movies such as Stay (2005), but unlike this movie, the payoff was worth tolerating all that confusion and vagueness. You might think my review is confusing. Well, a confusing movie requires a confusing review, but I assure you that my review is much less confusing than the actual movie, so if you found my review even a little vague or confusing and if that bored or frustrated you, please do not watch this movie, as the actual movie will be a pretty frustrating and boring experience for you.<br/><br/>Final score: 3

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Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 4

This movie, about loss, death, redemption, religion, the supernatural, sleep apnea, elephants, relationships, etc (yes it seems to be tackling quite a bit) could have been good. The story is certainly interesting but the delivery is not. It&#39;s painfully low budget, the acting isn&#39;t the greatest, and if you&#39;ve seen the trailer, well it&#39;s misleading. It&#39;s just kind of slow paced and choppy and when characters in it make stupid decisions at least you understand it because some of them are written as being kind of gullible anyway. Maybe that&#39;s a plus ? I don&#39;t even know what category this would fit into, thriller ? drama ? Boring Drivel ? It really isn&#39;t worth watching. The 4 stars are for Randy Wayne, who is not only great looking but rises above the other actors in the cast to at least give a natural performance. What a shame he wasn&#39;t given more to work with.

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