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Reviewed by fwmurnau 8

A fine, sensitive filming of a fine stage production of Chekhov&#39;s masterpiece THE THREE SISTERS. A few of the actors are a bit too broad and stagey (especially the oldest sister, the schoolteacher), reflecting inexperience acting for the camera, but that&#39;s a minor flaw.<br/><br/>What&#39;s up with the sound? I rented the DVD and the sound track is terrible for a film from this period. It&#39;s hard to make out some of the dialogue, especially when a character turns away from the camera. I hate having to strain to hear dialogue, especially dialogue by Chekhov! It seems to be a recording problem. The film was shot on what seem to be massive stage sets. This family&#39;s provincial home looks roughly the size of the Winter Palace. I&#39;m guessing the cavernous sets swallowed up and muffled the dialogue, resulting in the poor sound quality.<br/><br/>Aside from the deficiencies of the sound (and there&#39;s no excuse for such a problem in a production from 1970 -- fire that sound engineer!) it&#39;s a great production of a gently funny and bittersweet classic play.

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Reviewed by harry-76 9

It is remarkable how deeply interesting and moving is Chekhov&#39;s play about a small-town Russian family, longing to move to Moscow. Yet the playwright crafts with such affection and love for his characters that the viewer is hypnotized by the unfoldment.<br/><br/>With a production obviously based on a beautiful stage production, Laurence Olivier co-directs with John Sickel a most engrossing presentation. <br/><br/>Among the outstanding cast, Joan Plowright&#39;s Masha, Alan Bates&#39; Col. Vershinin, and Olivier&#39;s Dr. Chebutikin are outstanding. The beautiful cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth apparently utilize much of the stage sets, yet they merely add to the overall effectiveness.<br/><br/>Few cuts are made, as the production offers a comprehensive view of this work. Part of the American Film Theatre&#39;s series of 1970, &quot;The Three Sisters&quot; is a memorable experience. One longs for a re-release of this fine achievement.

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Reviewed by mlink-36-9815 8

the DVD is from a different source from the American Film Theater. Its my belief THREE SISTERS was strung out for a release and so utilized American Film Theater to get it shown. maybe i&#39;m wrong - but that might account for the funky sound. its a good movie. i have both versions. the DVD is cropped. its a desecration of Olivier to crop his movie. can&#39;t we get past doing this to sell new TVs?

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