The Yellow Handkerchief


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Reviewed by ken_eisner 9

A perfect crescendo. During an admittedly slow first half of the film, the audience is drawn in to the actors and the cajun background, its lush greenery and its languid place in Americana.<br/><br/>The actors hold up brilliantly at this pace -- William Hurt is a standout and a more-than-worthwhile Oscar candidate as the sullen, &quot;ghost&quot;-like ex-con and Eddie Redmayne jumps to the fore as a bizarre, overgrown child. The scenery and the pull of post-Katrina New Orleans is powerful, forcing personal choices and sticking in the back of our minds.<br/><br/>Then, when the action turns, and the plot suddenly speeds forward for the latter half of the movie, the viewer has already been drawn so deep inside these rich, pained characters and the twisted swampland that its emotional force, punctuated by minute changes in Hurt&#39;s eyes, knowingly elicits empathy and sympathy.<br/><br/>The force of the movie is the slowness, the languid pace that draws the viewer in, and the acting, as good an ensemble as anything that I&#39;ve viewed this year. It is slow, but slow can be good, good as a cajun conversation.

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Reviewed by moossaboossa 8

There are movies, such as this and many others, that sometimes don&#39;t appeal to people do to the slowness of it all. Nonetheless, I was surprised to see the low rating that it received. The Yellow Handkerchief tells the touching story of three broken individuals, each with their own troubled past and lingering issues; who share one thing in common: the need to escape. The entire plot is centred around a long car journey, in which Martine (Kristen Stewart) and Gordy (Eddie Redmayne)slowly unravvel the mystery of Brett Hanson (Willian Hurt) an unhappy man, recently released from his sentence in prison. The movie is an Indie movie, and it does appear to be rather slow. The script isn&#39;t as chatty or invasive as the blockbuster movies we&#39;re used to, and there is a lot of scenery. But regardless, the theme of the movie is easy for people to relate to. You don&#39;t have to be a convict, or an abandoned child to understand it- the entire story, is about making mistakes. And eventually, the message becomes clearer: that the people who forgive you, and offer you a second chance, are those who love you the most. There are so many different ways to see this movie, that I will point out that that&#39;s only my interpretation. I highly recommend this movie, but only if you&#39;re in the mood for a more symbolic movie rather than fast paced; action packed thrillers..

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Reviewed by richard-1967 9

We saw this as part of a preview cinema club we belong to. And we&#39;re happy we did.<br/><br/>The Road Movie is one of Hollywood&#39;s long-standing (some would say overused) idioms. From It Happened One Night through Butch Cassidy, Bonnie &amp; Clyde, and Thelma &amp; Louise, to Little Miss Sunshine, good road movies can be a joy. Bad ones, though, are a major drag.<br/><br/>This is a GOOD road movie. Three things make it special. First, it&#39;s about three losers, or -- let&#39;s just say it -- weird people. None of these characters start out with much appeal (except Kristen Stewart&#39;s great looks), but each grows right in front of our eyes throughout the movie. By the end, we like and find ourselves rooting for each, for different reasons. (In this way, the film reminds me most of the wonderful Hackman/Pacino 1970s vehicle Scarecrow, a much under-appreciated film.)<br/><br/>Second, there is splendid acting throughout. Kristen Stewart is headed for stardom, William Hurt does justice to a role only Jeff Bridges could play as well (have we forgotten what a great actor he is?), and the most surprising piece, young British actor Eddie Redmayne, does a terrific turn as a strange kid with a car.<br/><br/>Third, there&#39;s the film&#39;s perspective, about tolerance, acceptance of things as they are, and forgiveness -- for loved ones and above all for ones self.<br/><br/>Watch it!

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