The Wrong Guy


Comedy / Thriller

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Reviewed by BlackSox1919 7

If you like Kids in the Hall, and are a fan of their wonderful comedy &quot;Brain Candy,&quot; then you will love this movie. Starring Dave Foley, with a cameo from Kevin McDonald and sly references to &quot;Brain Candy&quot; (at one point, paging &quot;Dr. Chris Cooper&quot;), it continues KITH-quality humor.<br/><br/>If you&#39;ve never heard of KITH, and have no idea what I was talking about in that last paragraph, you&#39;ll still enjoy this movie. A wry turn on the &quot;Fugitive&quot;-style drama, a wrongly accused man on the run always looking over his shoulder to one is chasing him. Tightly scripted, well acted, and just plain funny.

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Reviewed by Slamca 8

I have no idea why this film is so unknown. I love it and it&#39;s so funny, of course, if you like dumb humor.<br/><br/>The main character Nelson doesn&#39;t get a promotion at his job, so he goes crazy in front of all his co-workers. He later finds out his dead boss and convinced that police will be looking for him, escapes (fugitive style). The thing is, the police knows Nelson didn&#39;t kill his boss, because there was a camera at boss&#39; office.<br/><br/>Nelson however, tries to escape from the police, being careful of every step, while the real killer is convinced Nelson is after him (because certain coincidences occur).<br/><br/>The movie is great, Foley&#39;s acting is great and the whole movie has this positive feel to it. Some jokes are so... dumb and funny, you laugh just because of the dumbness of them.<br/><br/>All in all, I own the original DVD, and people should see this movie, because it really is great!

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Reviewed by jagaleigh 8

I have no idea how I made it so long without seeing this movie. I passed it on the video store shelf for years. WHAT A MISTAKE! This movie is so funny it hurts. I actually cried through some of the scenes, it was so hilarious. I found myself rewinding parts and having to stop the movie so I could get control of myself. If you are in the mood for belly laughter and watching a silly/corny/crazy/wonderful comedy, then The Wrong Guy is perfect!

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