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Reviewed by JustCuriosity 8

The World Before Your Feet was well-received in its world premiere at Austin&#39;s SXSW Film Festival. It is the strange story of 37-year-old Matt Green who dropped out of normal life to begin a project of walking approximately 8000 miles of every street, park, beach and cemetery in New York City. He has chosen to be intentionally homeless - staying with different friends - so as to pursue some sort of massive performance art project of exploring and photographing every block of the massive city. The documentary is beautifully filmed and really is, in part, a tribute to the beauty and complexity of the organism that is that most remarkable and complicated city. The film is entertaining and beautiful. <br/><br/>The central conundrum of Mark Green&#39;s journey is never really answered. I get the feeling that Green is either running away or running towards something, or perhaps a little bit of both. I&#39;m not sure he really understands his own &quot;Forrest Gump&quot;-like journey. I hope the walker eventually finds the direction he wants to travel with his life. Perhaps the film maker should have asked some questions about Green&#39;s mental condition since his behavior seems to be somewhat irrational. Recommended for those open to the highly unconventional.

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Reviewed by mrothacher 10

This film is a beautiful look at why our humanity to one another is important. We can see the world best at ground level!

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Reviewed by Quinoa1984 8

In case you needed definitive proof how *safe it is in New York City in this decade, look no further. This doesn&#39;t have necessarily the most top notch or artistically ambitious direction (the cute score and reliance, maybe over-reliance, on drones for those BIG shots), but damn if this isn&#39;t one of themost fascinating documents of the human spirit in a long time. You learn enough about the guy, Matt Green, to understand but at the same time not fully understand why he&#39;s doing this. That may sound off, but you don&#39;t need to know his full back story; a few key details about a younger brother, a bike accident, and two ex&#39;s are enough.<br/><br/>What makes it a subject worthy of cinematic exploration is really just... Seeing him walk. Sometimes he interacts and talks with the locals, other times he tells us a fact about something, like a tree that is the oldest in New York City, or landmarks in cemeteries that we take for granted or even the first birth control center from 1910&#39;s. Like the Mister Rogers documentary this year, the movie is really about human connectivity and how , if you&#39;re open to what&#39;s out there and are genuinely curious, the World isn&#39;t such a bad place.<br/><br/>* at least if you are white and man, but still I think my points can still be valid here.

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