The Wonderpill


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.2


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Reviewed by hughmungus-82679 10

I really liked this movie.<br/><br/>It&#39;s got a different approach to a classic relationship issue. The actors are cast well and fit their role. I especially liked the performance of the lead actress. The story has a good build up to a slightly unexpected ending. I read in an interview, that it was a very low budget movie. Considering this fact, this movie is actually great made and doesn&#39;t look cheap. In fact I was quite impressed by the cinematographer. Some dialogues don&#39;t feel natural but it doesn&#39;t take away from the whole movie experience. <br/><br/>I hope there will be another movie from this director.

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Reviewed by wolfspirit-88415 10

I really like this movie a lot. It is a fresh approach for a romantic-comedy-drama. The raunchiness was well placed and not over the top, just right, not too much but satisfyingly frequent and did not distract from the actual story. Speaking of the story, I found it well written, well paced and as mentioned quite a refreshing approach compared to most big-bucks-budgeted movies out there. The actors played well I thought and portrayed believable characters that I could relate to. Highlight of the cast would of course be Dina Smirnoff who shows vast talent for all the different stages her character has to go through. Bravo to Mr. Mannyx Guilen (Writer, Director) for coming up with this idea, fresh approach with a well written script and directorial expertise. More of these please!

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