The Women of Brewster Place


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Reviewed by tbabe29 9

Every time I see that this movie is on TV again, I get SUCKED IN every time and have to watch it to the end!<br/><br/>It does such a great job communicating about a culture that I know so little about. I feel like I was invited in-it is so painfully real.<br/><br/>The writing, the acting and the directing is so well done. It also feels like a play.<br/><br/>It&#39;s honest. 9/10

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Reviewed by eric-144 7

Excellent drama about a group of women living in an apartment building. This explores all their lives and shows how everyone is struggling through something. jackee comes out the best! This movie is dramatic, hilarious and heartbreaking. Such lines as &quot;You shoulda thoughta that before you started breeding em like roaches!&quot; and Jackee&#39;s one liners during the tenants meeting had me laughing out loud. Highly recommended!!!!!!

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Reviewed by LadyPhenomena 10

This movie is phenomenal. The entire cast plays a major role in this film by individually impacting viewers in various scenes throughout this television drama. Opray Winfrey gives an outstanding performance. Mothers all over the world can relate to her in this production. This film is sensational because of the directors&#39; ability to depict a particular culture before millions watching in a very tasteful and true-to-life way. During some of the scenes you could actually feel raw emotion and that type of acting is not easy to master. I wish I could bottle it! As a producer myself, I look for such dynamics, which is uncommon.--The*LadyPhenomena*Show{Andrea*LadyPhenomena*Stephens}

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