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Reviewed by recrea33 9

written by the co-editor of Private Eye, Ian Hislop and Nick Newman and it shows. their love of the characters biting satirical humour in the face of the mud bath trenches of Flanders is plain to see and it works wonderfully. some critics have said that the device of punctuating the drama with faithful sketches taken from articles from the wipers times, got in the way of the story. but surely that is the point, humour in the face of a horrible drama. Chaplin as the sinister ringmaster/MC, complete with ghostly, flaking, pancake make up is brilliant, as is his co-star Rhind-Tutt. and there is a nice little cameo from Michael Palin as a sympathetic general. the &#39;Kermode six laugh test&#39; was surpassed early on. oh, and i choked up a couple of times...<br/><br/>all in an excellent comedy/drama about the futility of war. wholly recommended.

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Reviewed by welshwench 9

I can only think that the reviewer who thought that this should have been more like The Hangover has little to no knowledge of the First World War, let alone of conditions in the trenches. Maybe diffusing unbearable situations with humour (and much of the humour that emanated from those trenches was actually blacker - and bluer - than that portrayed here) is one of those Very British Things. That was certainly brought up in this film, when the contrast was drawn between the Germans&#39; &quot;Hate Song&quot; and the British soldier&#39;s humour and irreverence.<br/><br/>Personally, I really enjoyed the way that the sketches were shown: much about them was true to the time period and yet they were presented with a touch of the surreal to remind the viewer that what you saw on the screen was only a stylised representation of the written word.<br/><br/>I thought the actors were very good; the subject matter bittersweet, and overall it was an excellent representation of a fascinating story. There were one or two moments when I felt that the smooth, sarcastic, off the cuff exchanges between the major characters was a touch too smooth, but overall it fitted the period, the story and the way the screenwriters and directors chose to present it.<br/><br/>If you don&#39;t already know anything about The Wipers Times or about the Trench Warfare of the First World War then you may, indeed, not enjoy this as much as someone who does have a little bit of prior knowledge.

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Reviewed by tyttyvylys 10

In a world wherein we are all too often confronted with the tragic waste that is warfare, this heart-rending and thought-provoking treatment of our world&#39;s first war stands tall amidst a cohort of war films that glorify war while trivializing the loss it represents. An entire generation of Englishman were lain down in the mud of the European theater, and while many poets, writers and historians have made much of the tragedy of this affair, few have the courage to satirize it. As only the men who witnessed its absurdity could tell us, this is the relation of Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, two men among many who were forced to endure a what was at times a senseless conflict. Their only hope for sanity in an insane situation was to cling to that which humanizes us all; our sense of humor.<br/><br/>If you have ever considered the pointless nature of large-scale conflict, the tragedy of war itself, or the despair of the man as he returns home from the front to a people who do not grasp the enormity of what he has faced, then you must see this film.

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