The Wedding March


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Reviewed by syfyhallmarkfan 5

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett are a good couple in this movie. Their backstory is mostly believable (disregard the real age difference to play along), and they seem real enough in their interactions. I do not believe for one second, however, that a former male pop star loves owning a B&B in the country. And the capable, successful business woman does not even bend down to try to put a bicycle chain back in place--what's up with that? All that bicycling was rather hokey anyway. The typical schmuck fiancé is just a place-holder. His character does not really contribute anything to the film. The audience is not the least bit worried that he will interfere with the love story. The mini-plot of the guy selling his house at the beginning and end is kind of a waste of space, but that apparently is the formula Hallmark likes to use. My main complaint: As another reviewer stated, I just couldn't look away from that horrible, horrible wig. It was so very distracting. Josie Bissett most likely does not even need one; I just do not understand why they stuck that messy ponytail on her head! Sigh.

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Reviewed by rebekahrox 8

This one was actually not bad at all. The chemistry between Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett was good. They were both age appropriate despite numerous comments about Jack Wagner being 11 years older than Ms Bissett. They looked fine together. At least, at 45, she was playing a woman with a college age daughter instead of a toddler. Same for him. I liked that they did not try to follow the usual Hallmark formula and manufacture a secondary romance between their 2 kids. Instead, casting two talented young actresses who became instant buddies. Jack's daughter looked like a tall and thin Scarlett Johanssen. The one wrong note was Josie's god-awful wig. Why? Surely, if she needed a wig, Hallmark could have afforded one that looked natural. This one was so ugly, I am surprised Miss Bissett herself didn't speak up. I have seen more flattering wigs in a Halloween Costume shop. It was all very strange, especially since her make-up looked quite pretty instead of being laid on with a trowel like many of the Hallmark makeup artists do.

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Reviewed by carlenesmith000 5

I liked the young women, liked the setting and the actors but that horrible wig distracted me in every scene. I kept expecting someone to rip it off so we could see real hair. It was the worst wig I&#39;ve ever seen anywhere. What were you thinking, Hallmark, to do this to a very competent actor.<br/><br/>A real plus was the relationship of the two daughters; it made sense, they were charming and there was no fake getting upset with each other and having to resolve all that drama.<br/><br/>The sidekick chef was an added bonus as well; he was believable and his creations made me hungry.<br/><br/>Just couldn&#39;t get over the wig - it spoiled a decent movie for me.

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