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Reviewed by coyote13 9

I&#39;ve wanted to see this movie for many years, ever since I read that Leigh Brackett had written the script for it. And, now that I have, I&#39;m pleased to find out that it was worth the wait. Produced cheaply, by a second (or even third) rate studio, it replaces budget with story and characterization. John Abbott&#39;s Web Fallon (possibly the first sympathetic and world-weary vampire portrayal in the movies), harks back to John Polidori&#39;s Lord Ruthven (and Rymer&#39;s Sir Francis Varney) as his antecedents, and not the classic Stoker/Lugosi Dracula--one of the very few times the big screen has acknowledged there were literary vampires before Stroker.<br/><br/>It&#39;s too bad this one has basically slipped between the cracks and has become almost impossible to find.

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Reviewed by Dewey1960 8

Republic Pictures cranked out a ton of &quot;B&quot; pictures in virtually every genre during the 1940s, many of which were (at best) barely watchable. There were, however, any number of mystery and horror titles which rose above the typical meager standards and achieved a special kind of wonderfulness all their own. One such example is THE VAMPIRE&#39;S GHOST, a low budget horror film written by the legendary science fiction and horror scribe Leigh Brackett. The tale benefits from the exotic locale of an African plantation with the peculiarly mannered John Abbott starring as Webb Fallon, a centuries old vampire now living in Africa running a seedy saloon. The incidents in the film are quite unusual, most notably an exotic dance performed by Adele Mara in Fallon&#39;s saloon. A strange and atmospheric little gem that should appeal to fans of esoteric &quot;B&quot; films. Disregard all of the wrong-headed and annoyingly condescending critical evaluations in the conventional film guides (Leonard Maltin, John Stanley, etc); this film is definitely worth your time and attention.

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Reviewed by vtcavuoto 8

&quot;The Vampire&#39;s Ghost&quot; is an underrated film. Don&#39;t expect a lot of effects or Gothic settings-this film carries itself without it. That may be a drawback to some viewers. The acting is good and the jungle scenes add an interesting touch. Some genre expectations(i.e. inability to go out in the sun)are thrown out. John Abbott is fine in the lead role. He plays a sympathetic figure at the beginning but starts to show his sinister side. He runs a dive by the waterfront which covers his true identity. When murders are committed, the natives start to blame him. The manner in which he is killed is a change from most vampire movies and the ability to regain his strength via moonlight is an original one. &quot;Vampire&#39;s Ghost&quot; is a film that is worth a look. Note-Movies Unlimited has a very good copy of this film but it is on VHS only. You could always have it transferred to DVD.

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