The United States of Hoodoo


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Hoodoo hit pieces are a big thing in the black community, people who have turned against there own people and sided with the thief of always Jesus the rip off Christ... Unlike those people who talk like they had a well to do Christian upbringing- can speak and write at a third grade reading level barely- the people of Hoodoo come off as pursuers of real knowledge, experience outside church and school bibles. I literally knew nothing about Hoodoo going in and instantly I was taken in by the soft healing hands of Legba. The people, the places, the music, the Women! Oh my god Legba the women, unlike in pop culture and religious circles these Hoodoo "Women" are sexy intelligent. The first woman that appears shined brilliant in a sea of half dim wit little girls looking for dada to give them little doodooers around licking their chops like wolves at me all day while hubby looks the other way. These women seem to exude power most women are incapable of attaining in western societies. This is very unlike in America where male and female bullies worm to the top of the human slop pandering to re re's, and can hold an audience with fourth rate slam poetry based on authority and clothing, these women show the true greatness that lies beneath the shallow exteriors of western man when pursued. This is one of my favorite documentaries and it needed to be done as Christianity (up the anity) is always trying to assassinate the character of other peoples belief based on here say, hate, and indoctrinated fear. Archeology has already proven the only people doing the brutal savage killings for god's where and still are Christians. As an avid listener/follower of current archeology I was shocked to learn archeologist view written history the same way I do, as a sham, only they have the proof. They find no proof of the things Christianity has written about other cultures. Human sacrifice and god worship is a Christian myth and creation...those in the know can see what Legba truly is, the goddess beauty...look at his symbol, it isn't a person, believing that god is human is Christian hubris, blasphemy that tries to say we are god, while those who do the research see ancient people worshiped and said thanks for giving your life to "the plants and animals" not a visage of the self.

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