The Thing Called Love


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by RiverPhoenix_Fan 10

This movie is amusing, touching AND captivating the whole way through. River Phoenix' performance, from his excellent singing voice to his southern accent, made me believe he was an up and coming country western singer. Phoenix becomes the insecure yet arrogant James Wright and I believe he played this character perfectly even with the obvious personal struggles in his life. River and Samantha Mathis have palpable chemistry that makes you believe James and Miranda can save their difficult relationship. All the actors in this film did a good job and the story line is enjoyable and unique. There is not one wasted moment of screen time as every scene is filled with continuity and story-driven dialogue.

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Reviewed by primrosemoon 7

I rented this movie last summer after having never even heard of it, I just picked it up because it had River Phoenix in it and he was, of course, quite the hottie :) Anyway, I've never been into country music but I LOVED this film! It deals with that whole scene and has great songs in it-- especially the one that Samantha Mathis' character writes and sings at the end. Plus the movie has one of Sandra Bullock's early performances, which is great. And yes, River also does his part to make the film very watchable! If you haven't watched The Thing Called Love, go pick it up-- you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Reviewed by RELve 7

Thanks to Peter (Bogdonovich) for participating in this project/getting the movie re-released. Admittedly, it&#39;s not for everyone, but then, even the director admits it in his interview. In fact, he points out it&#39;s rather become a &quot;cult classic&quot; and I agree. So truthfully, I tell those who might view these commentaries, that we seem to separate into two camps: those who enjoy the entertainment value, and those who do not. <br/><br/>The film was not made to create any particular lessons, change your point of view about anything, in fact, it wasn&#39;t even written in such a way that any of the &quot;players&quot; were gonna become famous for their roles. Nevertheless, the film creates some interesting characters, characters whom all but the coldest-hearts-would certainly pull for as the movie unfolds. Also, the actors do an amiable job of creating endearment as they evolve a bit from beginning to end. Beyond that, there is also a terrific soundtrack of country music for those who love the genre, including three versions of &quot;Blame It On Your Heart&quot;. <br/><br/>I sadly look over my shoulder to the memory of River Phoenix and may now be reminded of what a talent he truly could have developed into. And again viewing the movie, I found myself more forgiving to the original headlines of how/who may have brought about his demise. Each character in this movie brought something with them that still makes me a fan. Yes, I give the movie a &quot;7&quot;, but, as with Samantha&#39;s little song near the end of the movie, this feature is on my wall of favorite dvds to stay!. I do hope others will join me in enjoying it&#39;s return to our screens. RLjr

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