The Stepford Wives


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Reviewed by gosh717 7

This movie is a perfect example of what is wrong with the state of movies today. The original was a gem, with excellent acting by Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss, and Patrick O&#39;Neal. It was part horror story, part feminist cautionary tale. Most of all, it was BELIEVABLE! You got the feeling these were real people, and that all this could really be happening--and with a minimum of &quot;special effects&quot;. The dialogue was pretty intelligent, the plot twists weren&#39;t given away in the first 15 minutes, and the ending was a real shocker. You cared about the female characters in the movie--you cared about Joanna&#39;s plight, and rooted for her to escape her planned fate.<br/><br/>The current version could only--and was probably meant to--appeal to the lowest common denominator of movie-goer. In this film, the women are just as bad as the men--you don&#39;t give a damn what happens to them; that&#39;s how annoying the characters are. The laughs are cheap and lowbrow, vital plot elements of Ira Levin&#39;s novel are missing, and the acting is just plain bad.<br/><br/>You know what? I&#39;m getting annoyed just writing about this dreck. If you have any taste, any sense, any feeling for good films, any aversion to wasting good money on bad movies--stay far away from this one!! See the original, and appreciate the stunning subtlety of a thinking person&#39;s movie, well-made and well-acted.

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Reviewed by moonspinner55 3

Ultra modern reworking of Ira Levin&#39;s bestseller from the 1970s (and the 1975 film counterpart starring Katharine Ross) about Connecticut suburb filled with perky, beautiful housewives and their boorish, piggy husbands. Nicole Kidman is very good as the newcomer in town whose husband (a rather stolid Matthew Broderick) immediately joins the Men&#39;s Association. Abandoning the sly dark humor of the original movie, this rather bombastic--and brief--92 minute version shows heavy signs of post-production tinkering. There are all sorts of things wrong with this movie, starting with the obvious hedging-of-bets pertaining to the mystery behind the wives (which might&#39;ve been wildly successful if the filmmakers had just stuck to their original vision); Kidman&#39;s children disappear at camp, are brought home (off-camera), and then disappear again; one Stepford bunny coughs up money--exactly how is this done according to Christopher Walken&#39;s &quot;home movie&quot; near the finish? But the worst is saved for last, when an outlandish twist leads to the kind of teeth-grinding, Larry King-cameoed ending that undermines director Frank Oz&#39;s ability to even work on a movie much less direct one. Some of the cartoonish humor (though over-the-top) is entertaining and colorful, and the movie&#39;s first 45 minutes are good, but the thicker the plot gets, the more ridiculous the film becomes. *1/2 from ****

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Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 6

I have read plenty of reviews where people are comparing this to 1975&#39;s, I don&#39;t think that&#39;s fair, as the interpretation of the novel is very different. The original film was very much a horror, this is a comedy with virtually no horror at all, but a definite vibe of political correctness.<br/><br/>It is obviously too sweet and syrupy for many, but it does have good points. It&#39;s loaded with irony, it&#39;s not laugh out loud humour, it&#39;s more tongue in cheek, with some good humour, mainly at the expense of little men. I liked the performances, Glenn Close and Bette Midler especially. It wasn&#39;t Kidman&#39;s finest hour, although she wasn&#39;t bad, just didn&#39;t get the best material to work with.<br/><br/>On the debit side, Matthew Broderick doesn&#39;t exactly shine, but worst of all is the lack of any horror vibe, it doesn&#39;t really have any suspenseful moments of any note.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a nice vanilla comedy, those looking for horror must avoid. The original movie is way better. 6/10

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