The Stepford Wives


Comedy / Horror

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Reviewed by katelhx 10

I never saw the movie as a remake more like a new version just for the laughs.I think is really funny, the kind of comedy that were good.People forget the movie is not to make an exactly or same genre as the original, it was made to be ridiculously funny.Let's pretend that the first movie does not exist, is this one still bad? Of course not, because the story would be 100% original, although it is ridiculous in certain aspects.But because there is an original version people can not avoid comparing them. Which I find stupid. As I said, the idea of this new version was not to be the same as the first one. Go watch the movie and enjoy it because is good.

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Reviewed by karen5778 7

This movie is just an excuse for a bunch of jokes about sexism, which is exactly what we wanted. The jokes are good and the humor is never scatological. The characters are fairly well drawn though hardly complex. On the whole it is above average for a genre, the cutesy remake, which tends to be horrible. <br/><br/>If you have any ideas about how you would do a new Stepford Wives you will probably be disappointed and annoyed. There is relatively little social commentary or suspense, in fact the only suspenseful scene is just funny. The hows and whats of what the ladies are isn&#39;t really addressed much, in part because it would be more disturbing than this movie wants to be. On the other hand, it never breaks character, so you can just cruise comfortably to the end, laughing every minute or so.<br/><br/>As a professional horticulturist, I must mention the plantings and flower arrangements. The orchids were just becoming available at grocery stores and the gladiolus in the &quot;plantings&quot; must have been hand placed in some cases, cause they don&#39;t grow in graceful sprays. Someone did an awesome job.

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Reviewed by murtazabulut 1

This is absolutely the worst movie that I&#39;ve seen in these last years. It is even worse than the stupid action movies. This movie is absolutely nothing and I am sad for being spent my time and money on this riduculas movie-called trash. First of all, it is intented to be a movie for grown ups, but everything, including acting, is just childish. Nicole thinks of something and voila it is all done and the Stepford is rescued. What is this really? It may have been good in the past but now I could not understand how anyone can like and, more terrible, can make this kind on movies. I don&#39;t know who Frank Oz, the director is, but I promise to not to go to any of his movies, because if all of them are just like this one, he can keep them in his private collection. Actually, I am sad because, I really liked the story and the idea of seeking perfection but the plot and the realization of the whole scenario is so premature that it makes you curse and curse and curse. With little talent and more realistic conclusions this could have been at least a watchable movie. But right now, it is just an idiotic masturbation of Frank Oz. Sorry, but I just can&#39;t accept being treated as an idiot. Also, if Nicole Kidman is participating in these kind of projects then I should be sorry for her as well, because most probably she is getting old and uncapable of better roles. I am sorry, if I offended anyone, but this movie sucks in every aspect. I rarely write my opinions on world wide web, but the movie made me so angry that I decided to warn you about it. It is the worst movie that you will ever see.

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