The Snarling


Action / Comedy

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Reviewed by imdb-13887 9

A really good independent UK horror film, filled with some good laugh moments as well as the humour that is quintessentially British. The work on the production value of this film is clear, despite the low budget that would have been associated with it - and certainly worth a watch.

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Reviewed by derekshannon 7

It's about what you'd expect. It's a good laugh, it's well acted and the plot is really good. It's not as funny as I hoped maybe but I did laugh out loud a few times and I really enjoyed the film. Well worth the watch for sure. In the vein of Shaun Of The Dead!

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Reviewed by cherise-fugue 6

Its daft humour, which did have me laughing along. Quite a few nods to AWIL, had me looking in the background for those nuggets. The torn jackets hanging on the pub door etc.<br/><br/>I&#39;ll happily have a pint of Howling Wolf. Cheers to werewolf films, may there be many more.

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