The Sex Trip


Comedy / Fantasy

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Reviewed by SilverOrlov 6

If I had not seen about ten such films before, it would probably be interesting and would put the rating higher. Although there were moments that really made me laughing. But the ONE MORE "change of bodies" without any of its zest or unusual acting, looked like ...latent.

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Reviewed by WhenAmyMetSalad 1

Director obviously a perv as he carefully makes sure to not film any men naked and only women through out the film. It&#39;s extremely degrading if I were to give it a higher score. I don&#39;t mind nudity as long as its done classy and not for obvious reasons that the director is a perv and just wants to see the chicks topless etc.<br/><br/>If this director is so set on making sure to sexualize women and making them seem like nothing more then its obvious he&#39;s in the wrong business and should be filming adult entertainment instead.<br/><br/>This movie lacks so much including humor and originality. Watch a better version of this movie called Switch (1991) where the director isn&#39;t scared to film both sexes nude. That movie at least had heart and humor.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5

I must admit that I had hoped for a bit more than what &quot;The Sex Trip&quot; turned out to be. Granted, the given storyline and plot was very generic and mainstream for a comedy of this sorts, but one is allowed to hope.<br/><br/>Turns out that &quot;The Sex Trip&quot; was just your average comedy of sorts, sure with a sex swap change, but hey, that has been seen in many other movies already, so nothing outstanding or unusual there.<br/><br/>With that being said, I will say that the movie definitely is watchable and enjoyable enough for what it turned out to be - another run-of-the-mill comedy. While the movie was utterly predictable, it still followed a very common blueprint of how to make such a movie, so director Anthony G. Cohen was playing it safe.<br/><br/>Now, I don&#39;t really get why Frank Stallone is billed on the movie&#39;s poster/cover, because he was in the movie for like a minute. Sure, I get that it is the Stallone name that did it, but come on. Also found out that Tom Hanks has a younger sibling that looks uncannily like him - Jim Hanks. At least his role was somewhat bigger than Stallone&#39;s, but still not one that would warrant being billed on the poster/cover.<br/><br/>The movie was nicely carried by the performances of Jade Ramsey (playing Edna), Marc Crumpton (playing Eddie) and Louis Mandylor (playing Steve). So they definitely made it possible to sit through the movie without being bored to tears.<br/><br/>All in all, &quot;The Sex Trip&quot; is adequately entertaining, albeit it is horribly generic and predictable.

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