The Secret Life of Pets 2


Animation / Adventure

IMDb Rating 6.5


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8/13/2019 8:49:52 AM

86 min
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Reviewed by gayle-55156 10

Took my five year old grandson. He loved it and so did I. Cannot understand why anyone would give a bad review. Wonderful animation and humor.

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Reviewed by seancleachw 10

Amazing adventure with our favorite pet families! Really enjoyed the story line as well as the new pets introduced to the story. - Dad<br/><br/>I love the movie!!! It&#39;s soo funny and cute watching all these pets solving their problems together as an animal lover!-Sean&#39;s son

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Reviewed by mohkhair379 9

First i had a doubts that the second always bad but this one is really much better from first one<br/><br/>Go and enjoy it

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