The Sacred


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2


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Reviewed by Lisa M Lundmark 1/10

Worst film ever !! Bad actors especially Heather Roop and Jeff Fahey.Its not a Horror movie. You don't get scared at all or ... well , youget chills by the film being so bad. The movie is obviously made costhe director seems to have problems to get it on with the opposite sex,so the film has more scenes of a softporn in it than some horrorscenes. The movie is about lesbian threesome, a LOT of hard nipples ina see through top, a naked shower scene, Anna McCords sister, nakedwith a shaved pussy (this movie shows how bad it could be for someoneto live in the shadows of a famous sister )a sex scene, and a "sexydance"scene, Heather is wearing short pants /trousers more than half ofthe Movie and not to forget the camera is zooming in on Heathers titsand butt AAAAALLLL THE TIME. And no, the film is useless as a softpornmovie too Heather has no sex appeal at all.

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Reviewed by davannacarter

*yawn* Oh, you&#x27;re here. And you&#x27;re reading my review because you&#x27;rewondering if this movie is worth watching. Well, if you&#x27;re a horrorfan, you&#x27;ve already seen this movie. The movie jumps from one clich&#xE9; tothe next every five minutes. You&#x27;ll already be predicting what happensin the movie when you&#x27;re 1/10th of the way through. You won&#x27;t even needto read the screenplay.<br><br>Synopsis: Basically, we have your clich&#xE9;d horror flick where the yuppiechick has decided to move out to a house in a rural area to &#x22;get awayfrom it all&#x22;. This is one of those small town horrors where thetownspeople are aware of the demonic entity. But instead of talking tothe protagonist they act cryptic, standoffish, and frightened with theusual &#x22;I&#x27;ve said too much already&#x22; type of behavior you see in thesemovies. There&#x27;s also the obligatory grizzled redneck who knows a lotabout the demonic entity. He acts shifty, scared, and distant. And,instead of telling the woman from the get-go about the demonic being,he decides to wait until after she&#x27;s been haunted to break the news toher. These rural horror demonic ghost type of horror movies always havethese townspeople who know about the local demon. But it&#x27;s neverexplained why they continue to live in a town possessed by a demonicbeing.<br><br>What&#x27;s equally perplexing is why these yuppie women continue to stay inthese demonic houses after they experience strange things? The mainchick hears noises she shouldn&#x27;t hear; she sees the reflection ofpeople walking behind her and catches ghostly visions staring at herbut disappearing when she blinks; things crash and break abruptly; etc.And all she ever says to these occurrences is &#x22;Huh. That&#x27;s funny.&#x22; andthen continues to live in the house as if nothing important ishappening? There are also a plethora of other clich&#xE9;s that bombard thehorror fan: newspaper clippings to tell the back story; character says,&#x22;Don&#x27;t leave me&#x22; and other character says, &#x22;stay here. I&#x27;ll be rightback. Everything will be okay.&#x22; after they hear something strange outin the dark woods; guy goes out to check after hearing strange noise;etc.<br><br>Other clich&#xE9;s I didn&#x27;t like: swaying cam, where the camera isn&#x27;tshaking like the camera man has seizures but the camera isn&#x27;t steadyeither (apparently, tripods are too expensive to buy these days);annoying &#x22;BOOM!&#x22; jump scares; and the inappropriate music at the wrongtime. I&#x27;m really tired of this amateurish junk that gets passed forfilm-making in the indie community.<br><br>By the end of the movie, I lost count at the number of clich&#xE9;s I saw.The only thing that made me stay awake was the scene with the chick whocame out of the rain. That scene made me raise my eyes and say, &#x22;Whoa.That came out of nowhere. That was a pleasant surprise.&#x22; I gave thismovie 1-star because the filmmakers didn&#x27;t flood the review sectionwith phony shill reviews like you see on so many other indie filmreviews on IMDb. So congratulations on that. Everything is was a waste.I&#x27;ve seen everything in this movie. It wasn&#x27;t suspenseful for those wholike atmospheric horror with little to no gore. Nor was it gory enoughfor the gore/exploitation fans. Without the nudity, this movie would bePG-13 horror.

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Reviewed by dennis-68943 8

HI it&#39;s me again. This is my second review and I must say, this deserved a little help from the negative reviews. OK the movie isn&#39;t a big budget but for a low budget it&#39;s great. I&#39;m a fan of supernatural horror so this was nice. Nothing new but a good watch. Acting not bad either.

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