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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5

I didn&#39;t really know what I was expecting when I watched &quot;The Runners&quot; from directors Joey Loomis and Micah Lyons, aside from knowing that I would be in for a movie that was based upon some sex trafficking thing.<br/><br/>Well, I will say that the movie definitely started out nice enough and there was actually some good enough entertainment value to the movie. And the storyline was adequate, albeit it was somewhat generic and essentially was much akin to most other movies that involve sex trafficking. But then suddenly there was a Mexican drug cartel involved, and the movie just went from being adequate to becoming over-the-top. It was simply just too much at that point.<br/><br/>It should be said that the acting performances in the movie were adequate, taking into consideration the premise of the movie and the script that the actors and actresses were given to work with.<br/><br/>&quot;The Runners&quot; was ultimately a mediocre movie, I have to say. It proved to be entertaining enough for what it was, but this was by no means a memorable or outstanding movie experience.<br/><br/>I am rating &quot;The Runners&quot; a very mediocre five out of ten stars. While I did finish the movie, this is hardly a movie that warrants a second viewing in my opinion, as the movie just lacked solid contents to do so.<br/><br/>Good enough entertainment for a single viewing if you have nothing better at hand to watch.

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Reviewed by apete14 8

Great movie to gain awareness of your surroundings and a horrible and terrifying subject happening in our country and others. Love that he used our hometown to help film.

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Reviewed by aaronkmed 10

Solid action thriller, shot near my house. I look forward to seeing more from Loomis and Lyons.

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