The Riot Act


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Reviewed by justingoins 9

You would never know this movie was from a first time director. Filled with a cast of talented and familiar actors, this movie keeps you interested for the full length of the film. You really have to pay attention to keep up with all the deep psychological intricacies. I highly recommend this movie for everyone (above 10 years old, there is some language.)

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Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 2

This movie is very, very SLOW, there's nothing but talk and more talk, with more nothing. It goes nowhere from start to "thank god it's over" finish.

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Reviewed by ops-52535 7

I shall not say much, than bragging about the great set designs, location setting, wardrobes, mystifying score, wonderful use of light and shadow, and a very nice way to tell the story. the filmo lacks a bit on the focusing but the angles used shows profesionality. the cast is pure bred b-actors that mostly does a decent job all over, but there are some liplicking in some of the dialouges that could have been erased.<br/><br/>what drags down must be the slow pace, and maybe a bit tiring long dialouges, and if your in for action horror you might be a bit disapointed, but the grumpy old man found it thrilling enough. a 7 on the dish with a recommend

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