The Prodigy


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by pvamerongen 3

After seeing the trailer a couple of time I was quite excited for this movie. When I heard they had to edit some scenes because they were to scary for the test-audience I thought I would finally be seeing an actual horror movie. Unfortunately, this movie did not deliver for me. There were only two scary shots, one which was in the trailer. Furthermore, the movie explained way too much, way too soon for me, following a standard formula without any true twist. There wasn't anything to second guess, no 'did he or didn't he?', no other explanations or roads explored. A very straightforward movie that wasn't all that scary. Disappointing.

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Reviewed by rockman182 6

Always down for a horror film no matter what. The trailer for The Prodigy was intriguing though its one of those cases where it should have shown less, less is more for this one. That jump scare that ends the trailer would have been fantastic if we didn&#39;t know it was coming in the theater. Anyways, this film has things going for it in the beginning and starts off intriguing before degenerating into a mess.<br/><br/>The film is about an eight year old boy named Miles. Initially, his parents believe him to be gifted but they soon realize that something is off about their son. His actions become bizarre and border on psychopathy. It turns out Miles is possessed with the reincarnated spirit of a deranged serial killer who died at the same moment that Miles was born. His parents must figure out what to do to set their son free from the evil that has embodied him.<br/><br/>There&#39;s an intriguing premise here. The kid actor on display as Miles is good, and Taylor Schilling is as well. The film doesn&#39;t offer so many jump scares as I thought it would from the trailer and is driven in its plot. The mood and tone set up at first really works. I&#39;d say the last quarter of the film is where it goes to hell. When the endgame and the progression towards it is revealed, I really lost interest.<br/><br/>The character motivations and actions are also extremely idiotic. To the point where I wanted to curse at the screen in the cinema. The film needed to arrive at its conclusion in a way that kind of respected the build up and quality of the beginning. Still for horror seekers who aren&#39;t too critical, this could be something to enjoy.<br/><br/>5.5/10

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Reviewed by dominickvanderlinden 8

Right up front i wanna say i&#39;ve glanced at the mixed reviews so far on R.T. &amp; Metacritic, so here we have another case of &quot;Man of Steel-Itis&quot;, and i&#39;m on the positive sign. For one the actors here do a great job, Taylor from &quot;Orange Is The New Black&quot; does a great job with ehr looks of concern, doubt &amp; fear and for her first horror film, wouldn&#39;t mind seeing her do more. Course it&#39;s a great sign when you have young Georgie from &quot;IT&quot; in your film, and i&#39;ll say the whole theme the plot goes for i REEEEEALLY dug, especially some interactions between two specific characters, and that ending...well let&#39;s just say the kinda person I am, i really dig endings like this. Overall i would highly recommend seeing this year

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