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Reviewed by AlabamaT 6

Despite several clunky scenes and some predictability in the storyline, it was an entertaining 2 hours, thanks in part to Brendan Fraser's hysterical performance and classic Morgan Freeman. John Travolta could use a few pointers on his southern-drawal, but he's still fun to watch. The slow, dim noir feel works, but who wouldnt recognize the fountain and gorgeous homes as Savannah not Galvaston. Overall worth a date night if looking alternative to the canned showboat superhero movies and shallow violent films with limited vocabularies.

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Reviewed by trinaboice 5

Written by Richard Salvatore and directed by George Gallo, this film noir features an incredibly talented cast: John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Brendan Fraser, Famke Janssen, Peter Stormare, and Robert Patrick. Surprisingly, this is the first movie that John Travolta and Morgan Freeman have ever been in together. With that much star power, this movie should have been excellent. Unfortunately, it&#39;s not.<br/><br/>The Good:It&#39;s a pleasure watching John Travolta and Morgan Freeman, even in bad movies.I was shocked when I first saw Brendan Frasier on the screen. I hadn&#39;t seen pictures of his recent weight gain and wondered if he did it intentionally for this film. He didn&#39;t but I thought his acting was outstanding in his role as the doctor. I&#39;ve always been a fan.<br/><br/>I like Famke Janssen and thought she played a southern belle well. She looked like she had some new cheek implants done recently. Why do beautiful women in Hollywood mess up their original beauty?<br/><br/>It was great to see Ella Bleu Travolta star with her father in a movie. I felt bad that the script mostly had her crying during the entire movie. She was also in the movie Old Dogs with her dad. She is one of those rare teenagers who actually likes her parents and isn&#39;t embarrassed by them.<br/><br/>The music sounded like it came from a 1970&#39;s drama and set the right tone from the very beginning.<br/><br/>Some have criticized the Texas drawl that the actors tried to master but I thought everyone sounded fine.<br/><br/>The Bad:You can almost guess what happens by just watching the trailer. Even with a twist, it&#39;s predictable.What&#39;s the opposite of energetic? That&#39;s this movie. Everyone seemed very tired the entire time.The ending left me underwhelmed.The shoot-out scenes are a bit sloppy.Characters conveniently appear and disappear in the story, leaving messy holes that leave you wondering &quot;What was the point of that?&quot;It tries to be deep, but it&#39;s not.<br/><br/>You can read the rest of my review at Movie Review Mom

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Reviewed by MooveeVu 3

My oh my where to begin? I can understand JT&#39;s attraction to this movie. It starts off as a classic old noir detective show (with JT as the narrator). Quite intriguing standard Maltese Falcon/Raymond Chandler style to begin with light tinges of Get Shorty and Pulp Fiction thrown in. I feel that this may be what attracted both John and Morgan initially.The doe eyed secretary and beautiful, mysterious woman waiting in his office when he escapes from the hitmen sent by (presumably) his bookie for outstanding debts.The lure of the dollars offered and a trip back to his hometown (with the bad memories) offers some interesting plot lines and, indeed, the film shapes up as having some potential.Morgan Freeman is introduced as the evil doer (who knows how he got there??)Then, (OMG THEN!!).....this movie rapidly spirals into self implosion worse than the Simpsons 3d episode!!! Seemingly rushing toward a timeframe ending with Keystone Kop like shootouts, ridiculous and implausible twists and turns and a finale that is blatantly obvious to even the most unobservant viewer (supposed twist at the end easily figured out way earlier!).The acting (from all) towards the end would embarrass a 7th grade school play lead. It seems as though everyone involved just wanted it to end asap (as did I).A real disappointment given that the start was quite good but it is a sad indictment on some of the potentially great actors of our time that, in the twilight of their careers, they are signing on for roles that are not only laughable but ruining their reputations and are certainly below the skillset, experience and expertise that they have achieved through out their long and illustrious professional working life.3 points for a reasonable beginning, the rest is abysmal.

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