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Reviewed by ops-52535 10

Especially for a grumpy old ultra conservative anti digitalisation socialdemocrat man like me. its about the ominous word called cyberwarfare, and the premisses for this are far too complicated for me to phatom but i sense that it is highly destructive if used correctly. i hope that these kind of docu&#39;s may put the breaks on some of the &#39;&#39;all shall be digitized&#39;&#39; culture were living in, no wonder the most fragile among us chose to end a life or becoming cavemen trying to avoid all digital conformativemeasures that is thread over your head because there are no alternative. you cant lend a book in a library without being digitized into a system....<br/><br/>well if there are a minus in the making of this documentary it must be the use of media sources, cnn and nyt doesnt cover it all as we now it, and its not for sure that trump knows so much either, considering how he delegates and &#39;&#39;sells out&#39;&#39; important positions in the us sosciety for a handfull of dollkars.<br/><br/>but else its good, full of suspence and very nice psychologic build up of tension, and leaves us with the pandoras boxed secret, what&#39;ll happen next, can they switch of my pacemaker???????? its a recommend

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Reviewed by pmiles-93527 10

You don&#39;t have to look any farther than the other reviews to see how relevant this documentary is. Sowing discord among the US population has never been easier as the world becomes increasingly digitalized. The US opened the door to cyberwarfare with stuxnet and we are now only beginning to see the long term consequences. The documentary does a great job of outlining the largest cyber attacks up until the present day and further speculates on what the future holds. A great watch and I hope it alerts the public to the importance of this threat and realizing that warfare will never be the same.

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Reviewed by bayern811 1

If Russia was responsible for obtaining the DNC emails why wouldn&#39;t the DNC allow the FBI to investigate the servers so they could ascertain the source of attack? Instead they gave the servers to Crowdstrike who in the end said they could not say for certain who the source of the hack was or where it came from? The overuse of the term &#39;disinformation&#39; is also laughable- are they trying to say the emails are forgeries? It is not disinformation if the material in reality is authentic. Also its not a very sophisticated hack when all it took was for Podesta to fall for an email phishing scheme allowing them into the email system. In the end Russia was found to spend less then $100k on facebook ads stirring up the same trouble they have in every US election since the cold war.

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