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Reviewed by HulkVader 7

Perhaps it's because when one sees, "MTV Films", in the opening credits, one's expectations then hit rock bottom. It's as if MTV lulled me into a false sense of security, knowing the usual "depth" of their projects. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this little film. It doesn't hurt that I could watch Scarlett Johansson sitting on a couch doing nothing and I'd be enthralled for hours. At any rate, I found the film, though cliched, quite cute. Roy, the obvious comic relief, played his role very effectively, I laughed at him often. The other characters were of lesser involvement, but several stereotypical demographics were adequately represented: the brain, the jock, the average joe, the stoner, the angry rich girl, and the decent good guy. It truly was as if MTV was trying to create "The Breakfast Club", twenty years later, for a new generation. If they succeeded in that is debatable, but at least the made a decent, funny flick.

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Reviewed by nikecjc 9

Those expecting cinematic events like the Godfather or Saving Private Ryan.<br/><br/>Stop reading this.<br/><br/>Those expecting crude teen humor films featuring underage drinking and nudity, such as Road Trip and Varsity Blues.<br/><br/>Stop reading this.<br/><br/>But those of you looking for a teen movie full of the typical adolescent hinjinx and cheap laughs.<br/><br/>Start reading this.<br/><br/>The Perfect Score won&#39;t light up the box office or have everyone waiting day after day for its release onto DVD.<br/><br/>Instead, it&#39;s a movie targeted towards middle schoolers, high schoolers, and most college students.<br/><br/>Typically good kids under rough circumstances, most of us who have taken the SATs remember the pain in the arse they were. Throw in two very attractive, and talented acting-capable, girls...two guys and a jock...and an Asian pothead quick with one liners...<br/><br/>and you got a pretty solid movie. <br/><br/>While the Perfect Score won&#39;t give you everything you want, I feel that it will make you just happy enough that you caught the showing.<br/><br/>So if you&#39;re looking for a movie to sit back and relax too...and perhaps vicariously wonder if you could steal the answers to the SAT...check out the movie.<br/><br/>I enjoyed it, and chances are if you kept on reading this post.<br/><br/>You will too.

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Reviewed by CuriosityKilledShawn 6

There&#39;s lots of clichés and stereotypes to endure when watching a high school movie. For the most of it, The Perfect Score manages to avoid most of these clichés though the characters are a bit stereotypical. There&#39;s the brainy kid, the rebel, the stoner, the loser, the jock and the good guy. Hardly a breathtaking assortment of originals eh?<br/><br/>But their plan to steal the SAT scores and their interaction together are what make this movie worthwhile. The unimaginative marketing for this movie claims it to be Ocean&#39;s 11 meets The Breakfast Club. But the actors are carrying the movie, doing the best they can with weak material, rather than the &#39;wild&#39; premise.<br/><br/>I especially liked Roy, the stoner and narrator as he got the most back story and had more a character arc than the rest of them. And it was pleasant to have the lovely, oh-so-cute Erika Christensen though I&#39;m not too fussed about Scarlett Johansen (she looks like a teenage version of my mother!). A non-Shaggy, but still manic, Matthew Lillard has a small role as a concerned big brother. <br/><br/>You&#39;ll not remember it 5 minutes after the credits role but for a non-threatening, easy-going movie The Perfect Score fits nicely. You could do a helluva lot worse. And what else do you expect from an MTV movie?<br/><br/>The DVD is in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with lackluster Dolby 5.1, though to be fair it mostly a dialogue-driven movie. There are a bunch of fluff features for those who care.

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