The Perception


Mystery / Thriller

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Reviewed by hyperfixx 7

The Perception (2019)<br/><br/>A dark thriller about a writer who is losing his mind while a series of strange events, coinciding with a book he is currently writing, take on a life of its own. This is essentially a mystery movie that will keep you guessing until the very end, complete with more than one twist thrown in to keep it interesting. A watchable film that didn&#39;t drop the ball at any time, though I was waiting for that to happen, pessimist that I am. Don&#39;t let Eric Roberts name in the cast make you not want to see it either. He plays a good part as do the other actors. It&#39;s no spectacular piece of cinematic art, but still decent enough to keep one&#39;s attention throughout. 7.5 out of 10 stars.

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Reviewed by ops-52535 7

For starter i can only say that the only thing missing in this plot is COLUMBO, yes the rain coat clad policeman acted by peter falk half a century ago.... is that a good or bad badge for this film, well it might have brought ahead a 10 from me, so this is a good movie after all.<br/><br/>the plot is simple, a man gets killed by the wife of the killed mans friend, no its not a riddle, but already here your perceptive abilities hit a wall or two. the story get back and forth in a fast pace,so steering with your tounge is not easy.its good acting, it has a good and emersive score, and you feel a great deal of the panick the characters goes through.<br/><br/>if you want an easy ride it aint, but its good for sure thinks the grumpy old man

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Reviewed by cool_andhot 4

Though the story is nothing new it had a potential but bad direction, screen play and acting ruined it completely. The movie was slow (not in a good way) and and I couldn&#39;t stop looking at the time left to finish. Just as a mystery movie lover I finished watching it just to see the ending.

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