The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill


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Reviewed by martinh-949-805453 1

This is a terribly lame and boring piece, and you would do well to move on in search of something else. I was hoping for either an interesting investigation, or some nice chills from this &#39;documentary&#39; but sadly I found neither.<br/><br/>The movie mostly consists of middle-aged English guys, who probably think of themselves as &quot;not easily scared&quot;, being incredibly easily scared and filming their own hysteria in the absence of anything else happening. At all.<br/><br/>Confirms my plummeting opinion of modern English &quot;Most Haunted&quot; type shows as being even worse than the US varieties. What a shame.

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Reviewed by gothic-fiction 3

&quot;The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill&quot;: even the name is a ripoff of other such movies, trying to get out there, by linking to better found footage films. This one is really, really bad, boring from beginning to end, nothing interesting, nothing original, nothing scary whatsoever, it&#39;s pretty much more of a documentary gone wrong made by The Asylum.<br/><br/>As imagined, it rips off everything that you&#39;ve seen before, mainly TBWP: Book of Shadows and The last exorcism: starts with some interviews, a group of people going to investigate a place made famous by some rumors, the discovers made there are similar to both previously mentioned movies and then finally, comes a pitiful ending that at least gives you the opportunity to close the player and go get yourself a nice deserving drink! You&#39;ll need it! I will never recommend such a movie manly because it&#39;s just so boring! Nothing new at all, nothing remotely scary, just some people expressing their opinion, throughout 82 extremely dull minutes! Stay away from this one. It doesn&#39;t even have a real story, it&#39;s just a presentation of something, basically, it&#39;s a film without a real plot.<br/><br/>The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill aka Extreme Boredom: The movie.

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Reviewed by africe 1

I read the reviews...good and bad..and so I must agree with the bad. It contained far too much filler which made for a completely boring film. More of a documentary about paranormal docu filmakers. I fell asleep 3 times. Camera work was dreadful. Should not be listed under horror.

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