The One-Nighter


Adventure / Comedy

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Reviewed by rosko_sandy 10

An excellent movie overall. Very funny, thoroughly enjoyable. While obviously not a high budget movie, this didn't take away anything from the storyline or acting. Refreshingly original too - a nice departure from the same tired old stories in the cinemas lately. I would like to see more of Jill Jaress' work after this. Without giving anything of the story away, the style in which it is done kept me engaged the whole way through - no lulls. It promises to keep you laughing the whole way through and delivers on that promise by the comical adventures in each scene. This movie is a reminder that a great story and talented actors is all you really need for a winning movie experience.

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Reviewed by pz-72165 9

I think the thing that brings this silly rom com to life is the performances. The actors do a great job of committing to the comedy without trying to be funny. The characters and story is where the silliness lives. A little slap stick, a little Woody Allen. Embrace the characters and enjoy the ride. Popcorn helps.

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Reviewed by WatcherOfTheSkies777 8

1 Nighter has a great comedic concept and it makes the most of it. Some of the situations that arise are pure gold and you can clearly tell that the actors are having a lot of fun. Some indie comedies tend to try a little bit too hard, in this movie the comedy comes out natural.

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