The Old Guard


Action / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 7.4


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Reviewed by royhectorkabanlit 8

If you have read the Graphic Novel before watching this, you are likely going to be disappointed because the novel is so much better.<br/><br/>It is grander, Andy is more bad as*, more flashbacks about their old life, and the action scenes are much more spectacular.<br/><br/>If you haven&#39;t read the novel and just watched this, I think you will still find it entertaining enough though. And I would highly recommend that you get the Graphic Novel afterwards.

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Reviewed by ditoprabowo 7

Love the concept, execution is not bad (there are some cringy &amp; forced parts), but the music really annoys me. Doesn&#39;t fit the tone of the film at all.

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Reviewed by mps_animaxfriends 8

The action and the fighting scenes were great! They choreographed the fighting perfectly

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