The November War


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Reviewed by DanCollinsMedia 10

Authentic documentaries about the experiences of combat veterans are hard to find, especially addressing the post 9/11 conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In The November War, Directors Garrett Anderson and Antonio de la Torre capture first-person stories about the events of November 22, 2004 during the Second Battle of Fallujah, Iraq. Members of Anderson's infantry platoon recount the unfathomable chaos and horror of combat, and reflect on the lasting effects of their time at war. Produced, as so many of the greatest documentaries are, without the benefit of a large budget, celebrity support, or industry backing, The November War nevertheless accomplishes what few other documentaries of our time do. It presents the unvarnished truth about what the war in Iraq was like for the Marines who were there.

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Reviewed by keilasdad 10

Pure documentary perfection. This documentary takes you to the fight, both physically and mentally. Raw, disturbing, emotional and soul stirring. The magic lies in the fact that the most powerful things you will take away from seeing this comes from the words that weren't spoken. The unintended pauses as these men attempt to expose and put into words what they have been through. The quivers from their lips as they think back or begin to speak, the invisible tears, the stares; it all hurts to watch and will haunt you long after watching; but it should. Everyone needs to at least attempt to realize the pain our warriors face. We all need to take the time to understand that many will never ask for the help they may need. For those that know someone that has been there, even if they may not show it, combat has taken a toll on them. Love them, help them, and by all means be there for them in anyway you can. We have lost far too many heroes. Semper Fi, my Brothers.

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