The North Avenue Irregulars


Action / Comedy

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Reviewed by gaslight1213 7

Excellent movie...Cloris Leachman steals the she usually does in any project she is in..this group of actors work wonderfully together...loved the car chasing scenes and the ending in the junkyard with its smash up derby is funny ...Disney succeeds again

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Reviewed by lheist 7

For whatever reason, this was one of my favorite movies as a kid. It's the story of a reverend (the same guy who is in Gilmore Girls and who plays President Roosevelt in Annie) who comes to a new town. He and a bunch of church ladies are enlisted by the FBI to help crack down on illegal gambling in their town. The subject matter of the film is probably over the heads of some kids, but they'll love the car chases and general mayhem that abounds.

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Reviewed by misctidsandbits 7

It&#39;s interesting to see that the majority of reviewers deliberately mentioned that this movie has stood the test of time. I think it is an art to create hilarity like this. You have to have an uncomplicated head, which is probably why it is not done today.<br/><br/>The Disney Channel used to air their old great family films on a late night, maybe early a.m. venue called &quot;Vault Disney.&quot; It&#39;s gone. I taped every one I found. Unfortunately, they went on VHS at that time, and they haven&#39;t transferred very well to DVD. However, more of these are showing up on DVD online all the time.<br/><br/>There was one called something like, &quot;The One and Only Family Band.&quot; I think there were more words, but John Davidson and Leslie Warren were in it with Walter Brennan and others. &quot;The Happiest Millionaire&quot; was in the lineup, with an older Greer Garson and Fred MacMurray. It&#39;s a musical family piece, which is very funny. These were well done also.<br/><br/>&quot;North Avenue&quot; is hilarious, fresh and great fun. Lots of good clean energy.

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