The Murder of Hi Good


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This will be a short review - it could be even shorter; it could simply say &quot;learn to keep the camera straight&quot;. In fact i&#39;m going to copypaste the phrase &quot;learn to keep the camera straight&quot; several times because i feel that this phrase, on its own, explains about 90% of what this film review needs to be.<br/><br/>The other 10% is: it&#39;s a cheaply made &quot;western&quot; with horrid non-professional acting, terrible photography (i&#39;ve seen films shot on iPhones that are 10x better) and a plot which i didn&#39;t have time to understand because i was being made to feel nauseous by the constantly tilting and weaving of the camera.<br/><br/>learn to keep the camera straight.<br/><br/>That&#39;s lesson 1 of filmmaking. Even Andy Warhol&#39;s &quot;Sleep&quot; managed to accomplish this step, and The Murder Of Hi Good, instead, did not.<br/><br/>&quot;.. is a true crime revisionist Acid Western set in the frontier of Northern California&quot; says the blurb. No. It&#39;s not. It&#39;s garbage.<br/><br/>My vote: 4/10 - learn to keep the camera straight.

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