The Mummy: Rebirth


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by PurpleCrayon2014 1

Grab What You Can and Run.....RUN I Say, As Fast As You Can!

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4

Well, granted there wasn&#39;t much of any particular expectations for this 2019 movie titled &quot;The Mummy Rebirth&quot;.<br/><br/>And sitting down to watch the movie with no expectations, the movie had every chance to impress and bedazzle. It just fell short of doing so.<br/><br/>The storyline told in &quot;The Mummy Rebirth&quot; was pretty straight forward, which actually was a nice enough thing. You essentially just disconnect your brain and sit back to watch the movie. There are no requirements on your part as the audience, because the storyline is so simplistic.<br/><br/>The acting in the movie was adequate. I wasn&#39;t familiar with anyone on the cast list. Which is actually something I do enjoy, so there are no associations with previously portrayed characters by established actors and actresses. So, for me, that was also a plus for the movie.<br/><br/>Now, the CGI effects team were not properly funded. The CGI creatures in &quot;The Mummy Rebirth&quot; were just atrocious to look at. It was like watching something from a 1990s horror PC game. It was really, really bad.<br/><br/>And as for the practical effects, well... Let&#39;s just say that they tried. But the mummies in the movie, while some of the appearances of them was good, other parts were just abysmal. For example, why would the eyes not have desiccated and withered away after all those years? And it was painstakingly clear that people were just wearing latex or rubber masks over their heads, as you could see the flesh around their eyes. And I would also think that a mummy would be more gaunt and skeletal after years of mummification, yet the mummy here had very thick hands, which were very obviously latex or rubber gloves worn, because they were thicker than a normal man&#39;s hands! No, the practical effects in &quot;The Mummy Rebirth&quot; were atrocious and just didn&#39;t work out at all.<br/><br/>I will say that the props in the movie were quite good. Lots of details here and lots of interesting things being shown throughout the course of the movie. And they also had some interesting sets and locations. This was working well enough for the movie.<br/><br/>All in all, &quot;The Mummy Rebirth&quot; ended up as a less than mediocre movie, and there are far better movies revolving around the iconic reanimated mummy character available.

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Reviewed by Max_Lucas 2

Asylum you now have competition! Who can make the worst movie ever? Poor acting and the award winning camera &quot;shake&quot; for action scene. Makes it hard to tell the difference from an Asylum movie.

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