The Mourning


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Reviewed by peterp-450-298716 1

Once and a while, you come across movies where you don&#39;t have a clue what&#39;s going to occur in it from the start. And finally, the end credits run over the screen and you&#39;re still staring at it, wondering what you&#39;ve just seen and what the hell it was about anyway. &quot;The mourning&quot; is such a film. A SF (I guess) about a Marine who pops up again after he disappeared on a mission in Operation Desert Storm 20 years ago. And as naked as a newborn suckling. &quot;So what&quot; you say uninterested. &quot;That&#39;s what Schwarzenegger did already before in Terminator II. Maybe he came back on foot and walked for 20 years all the way from the desert back to his hometown.&quot; Well, that&#39;s a possibility, except that he still looks as young as when he disappeared. And now you think perhaps the beneficent effects of the sun has something to do with that or maybe he only consumed biologically healthy food which is good for the skin. But then there&#39;s also the astonishing fact that he can&#39;t speak a single word. Yeah, now I got your attention ... uhm ... or not ? <br/><br/>And so you have a summary of the first hour of this slow and boring movie. Aaron (Michael Rene Walton) awakens in his birthday suit somewhere in the middle of a forest (a bit similar to &quot;Almost Human&quot;), not knowing how he ended up there. The first thing I noticed when he went to his home town, was the complete desolation. There&#39;s no living soul in the vicinity of the city or in the city center itself. It seems like everyone is abducted. You need not to be clairvoyant to realize that almost everyone&#39;s mouth drops open from amazement when seeing this long-lost war hero. And then it&#39;s time for the tedious Question Time.<br/><br/>I stopped counting after a while so I really don&#39;t know how many times people asked that same question over and over again : &quot;Aaron, where have you been been all that time ?&quot;. It&#39;s understandable that he can&#39;t explain it the first half hour, since he produces as much sound as a broken radio. But the moment he starts speaking again, the guy still refuses to give a sensible explanation. Believe me, that started to get on my nerves severely.<br/><br/>Of course you can work out different scenarios as an explanation for the peculiar behavior of Aaron. It could be that he suffers from PTSD and therefore lost his speaking skills because of the traumas. Or perhaps the entire movie was just a dream for him. Or maybe (drumroll) he was kidnapped by Martians and he peacefully lived for 20 long years in a Martian colony. Or worse, in all those years he was subjected to sadistic alien experiments. The cause of his silence would be due to the fact that he no longer knows how to speak, because he communicated during that period telepathically. There&#39;s also someone else convinced of that. An annoying woman with a ridiculous haircut who suddenly appears out of nowhere, so she can cross-examine Aaron all the time about that last possibility.<br/><br/>Ultimately, it&#39;s all guesswork in the end. You&#39;ll sit there in front of your television without any explanation or clearance. I like a profound movie from time to time. A movie with things not that clear and obvious. But this was absurd. So if you have some spare time and you want to spend it in a meaningless and purposeless way, I recommend you watch this empty creation. At least it was still of some use. And hopefully I haven&#39;t stepped on an alien creature&#39;s green long toes, so they come and abduct me! <br/><br/>More reviews here :

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Reviewed by catsgarden 1

I can&#39;t stand movies that end in the middle. Meaning, they bring up all these mysterious questions, and suddenly the credits roll without answering a single one of them! The mystery and suspense in this movie starts out great, but nothing is explained and nothing comes to a conclusion. &quot;Clues&quot; that make no sense are dropped, and not one of them provides an answer to anything. I kept waiting for a single question to be answered, but all I got was a repetition the same questions till suddenly the credits rolled.<br/><br/>Only watch this movie if you&#39;re on drugs and can make up your own ending, because this movie doesn&#39;t have one.<br/><br/>Waste of time - stupid movie Stupid movie

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Reviewed by mainstreetphoto 3

I gave this film a 3 because it looks slick, ( when the color timing is corrected ) the acting is decent ( somewhat ) and, and... and --. Well, that&#39;s about it. Perhaps the writer(s) director, or someone, anyone, might post a thought on what the hayseed this film is about. Who cares about the ending. Obviously the film makers didn&#39;t.<br/><br/>I was ( somewhat ) intrigued for the first ten or fifteen minutes then started talking to the screen to relieve frustration. Stuff like, &quot;Ah, that&#39;s one spicy&#39;a meatball!&quot; And, &quot;Mind if I smoke? I don&#39;t care if you burn! FIRE! FIRE IN THE THEATER!!&quot; And then I woke up and realized it was all just a bad dream.<br/><br/>Now there&#39;s your ending, fellas! A bad dream! Just have Aaron wake up and reveal it was all just a bad dream! But just then, the CAMERA PULLS BACK and WE SEE Aaron, lying naked, back in the forest! Was it just a dream or...? PAN OVER to Rod Serling, standing stoic by a tall evergreen taking a drag off his Lucky Strike cigarette and...<br/><br/>ROD SERLING<br/><br/>Allow me if you will...

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