The Mirror Boy


Adventure / Drama

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Reviewed by mhubbardbeale 1

It's the worst film I've ever seen, the acting is so hammy, so crap and just awful, I wouldn't watch it again, I loved the clothes, the music, I've seen much better films than this.

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Reviewed by another_heavenly_world 7

I think the Mirror Boy is a great children movie, simple in spirit, yet powerful, effective and well performed. It may seem almost nothing takes place in the adventure, but the spiritual concepts developed throughout are interesting and deep. It&#39;s truly a journey of initiation into the culture of the ancestors.<br/><br/>The soundtrack is awesome, varied and rich, quite appealing and also bridging tradition and contemporary concepts! For me the best performance is from Osita Iheme as the Mirror Boy.<br/><br/>This was my introduction to Nollywood cinema and I loved it. Will be looking for more Nigerian movies.

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Reviewed by ocube 3

This picture had the premise for a great story and started out okay before descending into the same rehashed &#39;Nollywood&#39; stereotypes - lacking depth of character or some sort of logic to the plot. The story floats around aimlessly without any character really convincing you of their journey as they simply appear and dissipate from the film. The only redeeming quality of this film is the Genevive Nnaji&#39;s performance which was barely competent but not earth shattering. <br/><br/>I really wanted &#39;The Mirror Boy&#39; to be impressive and hoped the IMDb rating, which is usually a good yardstick, was warranted unfortunately this has turned out to be one of the rare exceptions when it is wide off the mark.

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