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Reviewed by shrinkingman06 9

An inspiring tale, full of great music and some funny moments. The messages here: believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and never give up. Four dwarf men want to raise money for the son of one of the men to go to college, so they form a basketball team and get Dennis Rodman to join them. Rodman&#39;s agent (the funny Richard Portnow) encourages them, as it will improve his image and make them money. (Though of course he&#39;s not above exploiting the dwarfs for an embarrassing ad endorsement!)<br/><br/>There&#39;s a cow-obsessed gal from Paris (...Texas); the dwarf waitress who befriends the smallest of them, Chevy ; his Worm-ness himself, and Chevy, (Gabriel Pimental)who thinks a risky limb-lengthening operation would help him. Can this ragtag team of little guys win?<br/><br/>Fast paced action and catchy music enlivens the story, which is suitable for all ages.

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Reviewed by arfdawg-1 1

Dwarfs playing basketball... with Dennis Rodman.<br/><br/>That&#39;s all you really need to know.<br/><br/>There was no budget.<br/><br/>It&#39;s essentially filmed with a hand held video camera.<br/><br/>IMDb claims the budget was $5 million!!!! HUH? Was that for Rodman&#39;s booze? The production values are non-existent.<br/><br/>This was one of the worst movies I have ever ever ever seen.<br/><br/>There is not real plot at all.<br/><br/>Just an endless parade of snips that are horribly filmed.<br/><br/>Honestly, the budget had to be about a grand.

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Reviewed by jaredpahl 1

The story goes like this...<br/><br/>My brother and I would occasionally make Friday trips to Family Video every couple weeks to pick out a few movies to watch over the weekend. My brother, knowing nothing about movies, would choose DVDs based on their covers exclusively. On one trip, he saw a cover that caught his eye. It was of a basketball player (unknown to him) surrounded by a group of little people. He showed it to me, thinking it looked funny. I rolled my eyes, but agreed. It looked so bizarrely ridiculous, it had to be a riot.<br/><br/>He rented the movie, brought it home and popped it in. I sat in, salivating at the thought of how crazy stupid an obscure comedy starring an ex-rebounding champion nicknamed &quot;The Worm&quot; would be. The next hour and change was shocking. After the first few minutes, I realized that I wasn&#39;t laughing. Maybe the jokes don&#39;t come until later, I thought. I waited another few minutes. Something&#39;s not right. An hour passed, and I realized what was going on. The Minis, the Dennis Rodman midget basketball vehicle, is not a comedy.<br/><br/>What!?<br/><br/>Yes, The Minis is a pseudo-heartwarming underdog story about a dwarf basketball team rising from the ashes and overcoming the struggles of strained relationships and social stigmas. And the thing stars Dennis bloody Rodman of all people! I don&#39;t know who is responsible for this movie or how it was ever made, but it immediately fascinated me. It seems like a project specifically designed to be the worst thing ever filmed, and somehow, it&#39;s even worse than that. A asinine comedy about Dennis Rodman and midgets would have had plenty of cause to be named the WOAT, Worst of All-Time. But to take that premise and turn it into a sincere drama? Pure, delirious, madman insanity.<br/><br/>From that moment, I had a definitive answer to the eternal question, &quot;what is the worst movie you have ever seen?&quot;.<br/><br/>The Dennis Rodman midget opus, The Minis.<br/><br/>01/100

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