The Matchmaker's Playbook


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chris_ts 7

The movie is about the usual plain girl. With Ian's help she makes the boy she likes jealous and she has a mini makeover. It reminds me of the D. U. F. F. Ian is handsome, hot and he falls in love with her. That was cute. The film portraits well the tension and passion between Ian and Blake. In general I liked the movie and I recommend it if you like this kind of romcom.

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Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 10

This is a romance movie aimed at both guys and girls. One of the rare movies that men can relate to and actually portray men as the catch and women as the hunter and it works.<br/><br/>Ian is a matchmaker who hooks girls up with guys. Imagine Hitch in reverse. This movie is better than almost all romantic comedies, including the aforementioned Hitch. It has great lines, good believable acting and chemistry and it simply works as both a comedy and comedy romantic movie. The plot is original and the flow of the story is well paced.<br/><br/>This is a rare movie that guys can watch together, and girls can watch together and boyfriend and girlfriend can watch and enjoy.<br/><br/>I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Highly entertaining and original.

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Reviewed by ethibaul 7

It&#39;s cheesy and fluffy, but books like this are brain candy that you read in a couple of hours. The movie doesn&#39;t disappoint. Nobody is going to win awards for acting and writing, but everyone is having fun with it and it makes for an enjoyable little bon mot for your brain. Giggle, peep the beautiful people, and enjoy a break from anything heavy.

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