The Master of Disguise


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Reviewed by qtrnevermore 7

Sheer genius cannot even begin to properly address this cinematic achievement, to call it any less is an insult. Dana Carvey, on the surface, plays a bumbling Italian waiter who inherits the power of disguise; however, if you dig a bit deeper & peel away the layers, you'll find a motion picture which is a scathing, yet biting social political statement on society as a whole. One cannot begin to hopefully comprehend or decipher all the psychological & stereotypical boundaries this film breaks. It is a surprise to find this film in mainstream theaters as a film on this level & caliber would normally only be found in the finest arthouse theaters. If you plan on seeing Master of Disguise, I suggest keeping your afternoon free, as after viewing, no after witnessing it, you'll need the rest of the afternoon to invest in deciphering the dense narrative. Admittingly some of the jokes were over my head, but all truly great comedies take a bit of effort for comprehension. Only for serious film viewers & students of the artform as a whole.

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Reviewed by johnmichael-2 7

I was lucky enough that I got to watch this film on a road trip in someone else's car, as opposed to wasting 90 minutes of my own time (as well as a couple bucks). If you are forced to watch this film, that is probably the only time you should waste watching it. It tries to be funny, but fails miserably. I believe one review I read of it said that it disguised its funny moments better than the main character disguised himself. Sadly, that's the complete truth. Adults, you will find nothing here that's amusing, unless you're really into totally lame, flat jokes. Kids, you will neither find anything amusing in the movie, as the actors are not funny enough to entice any one of any age. The direction was also poor, and the crude humor was (as is in most movies) pointless and dumb. I felt embarrassed just watching it. Skip this movie, and you will miss nothing.

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Reviewed by lambiepie-2 1

Oh my....was this a stinker.<br/><br/>I tired to give it as much of a chance as possible cannot believe everything you read from critics..and you cannot believe everything you hear.<br/><br/>With &quot;the Master of Disguise&quot;, you can. This was awful. I don&#39;t really think they meant it to be awful, I mean the story sounded good, I&#39;m sure...on a bunch of film executives who were drunk at the time they heard it. Then it probably got by a bunch of other folks in various forms of development who thought, &quot;This could really be a silly little film that would catch on&quot;. But it wasn&#39;t and didn&#39;t.<br/><br/>In some other universe, I wish there was a better script to punch up the story but they relied too much on Dana&#39;s characters that were god-awful and unfunny. This movie was painful to watch -- painful to see talented people on film in a very untalented movie. Someone should have pulled the plug..ceased production for a decade..something..anything.<br/><br/>But here we are. This is a major pass..under any circumstance.

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