The Man Inside


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by amysandman 8

Downloaded a few Brit films to watch for a University Project and this one was easily the best, although Id never heard of it before. Why not????? Its was brilliant. I love it when you discover a gem like this one. Awesome acting by Peter Mullan and the main guy (Bashy) but they were all good. <br/><br/>The kid who played Jay was a real talent. hope he&#39;s doing other things as he made me cry (wont say how)<br/><br/>The boxing was realistic and I really cared about the characters. Great film overall, and I&#39;m surprised I had never heard about it before. Perhaps it never got promoted? I checked the reviews online and they were really good too.<br/><br/>I hope other people get to find this film too :)

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Reviewed by louisedurdy 7

Caught this on iTunes last night, and wanted to write about it. Was searching for Peter Mullan films I hadn&#39;t yet seen (am big fan). Thought this film looked like a &quot;yeah Brov&quot; sort of film, but gave it a go. Glad I did, cos it was a really good film. Not amazing like Peter&#39;s own films, but he was great in it (as usual).<br/><br/>I did a bit of research after watching the film and I can see how it was biographical. It definitely feels very raw in places. If i had a criticism I&#39;d say it could have done with some quieter moments, as its pretty full-on. But I don&#39;t mind that too much. the other actors are good, especially the lead guy, who I hadn&#39;t seen before. Overall, I gave it 7/10. its a lot better than most of the Brit films I&#39;ve seen, and another brilliant performance from my favourite actor.

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