The Man in 3B


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Reviewed by chanelcbrown 3

I had not seen any promotions for this movie before going into it so I had no real expectations for it. I knew once the movie started off however that it was going to be bad. I could tell the film had quite a low budget and honestly the storyline was just not that great and a little bit predictable. The characters were not that well developed and overall it was just horrible. <br/><br/>The only redeeming quality of this movie was the number of attractive men in the film, which was the only reason that I kept watching. Unless you have a free movie pass or you are part of a movie club like MoviePass, I would not recommend spending money on this film.

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Reviewed by imagineitscratch 10

4.2 average rating?<br/><br/>I thought this movie was great! The plot was fun at times, and serious when it needed to be. It made the best out of its low budget. <br/><br/>Two things I liked about it:<br/><br/>1. Darryl&#39;s relationships with the other characters were completely believable.<br/><br/>2. The atmosphere was perfect for what it was aiming for.<br/><br/>The only &quot;over the top&quot; scenes were the sex scenes, honestly. Besides that, it&#39;s a 10 out of 10.<br/><br/>Definitely a must see if you&#39;re a fan of Carl Weber or not.

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Reviewed by DeidraKali 2

I sat and watched this movie one day after flipping past it every other time it constantly aired on cable TV. Everything about it was okay, except the stoop ladies and the sex scenes. I laughed at some parts and it kept my attention, but then came the inevitable ending. That&#39;s what blew the whole thing to me. I have never heard of this movie&#39;s director and I&#39;ve never read the book this movie is based on, but the ending was horrible. They tried to do flashes and jump cuts between scenes and characters to wrap up the story. Bad idea! They didn&#39;t execute right and the ending was idiotic and just contrived and made the whole movie a waste of time to sit through. I would have been so heated if I had gone to see this in the theater. Mess!

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