The Man from Kathmandu


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.8


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8/4/2020 9:18:14 AM

138 min
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Reviewed by sargyur 9

Action is classic for a Nepali film. Story is bold for world cinema! Can't wait for story to continue and see how the man from kathmandu faces the reality. This part is change and recruitment. Loved the subtle way director made main character transform through relationships, culture, rituals and dirt that is in every society.

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Reviewed by danssmith-42694 8

Locations and its presentation were really good, Cinematography was highly respected, Acting was good, Story needed to be stronger but overall was good

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Reviewed by jeftito 10

Good story, pure action, and has a really good adrenaline, good martial arts. And proud that a puertorican made it and had success in his movie. It's the new Jackie Chan warrior ??

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