The Lumber Baron


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Reviewed by melinda-dake 10

Going into this movie I knew it was a small production and prepared myself for it. It surpassed every expectation!<br/><br/>The tree cutting got a bit repetitive but that IS the main story so it&#39;s forgivable. The boy wasn&#39;t very good but a little cutie with those glasses!<br/><br/>Onto the good! The clothes were gorgeous and very time appropriate. The hair dos were authentic and beautiful, as well as the crazy mustache! Completely on point with the time setting! The director&#39;s camera angles really impressed me! There&#39;s even humor thrown in.<br/><br/>All round an excellent movie! I&#39;d love to hear more on the story! I love period pieces!

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Reviewed by ops-52535 10

There are no extravagfanca in thif touching the heart kind of movie, the theme is spun around a familys lumbering business, where the father dies all of a sudden, and the son of the house has to try to take over the business on behalf of his mother and siblings. he is doing it the hard way by going undercover and learn the trade among the lumberjacks in the snowy icecold environment of the lumbering season.<br/><br/>the film is very well crafted, its cast delivers an extremely brilliant performance, and i cant remember a movie where the maincat and extras have done such hard working labour as in this film, cutting trees with ax and twin saws,twigging the logs and transporting it all.its so darn real life like.<br/><br/>i must also turn the spotlight towards the musical score made for this feature film, it is of the classical type, but so well spunned into the story, and it makes the film get wings for itself, and makes place for you to join this ride of darn well made classic drama.<br/><br/>this may not be the first choice to many, but as my wife sai,&#39;&#39; this was entertainment on high levcel&#39;&#39;, and ditto from the grumpy old man. this was a extremely nice surprise, so if you want to get reset back to the early years of the 1900&#39;s, then choose THE LUMBER BARON. its highly recommended

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Reviewed by donflemna 2

Predictable plot with stilted acting. Resembled poor amateur theatre. Couldn&#39;t wait for it to end. Seven bucks down the drain.

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