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Reviewed by GregFOX201 8

While the main drawing card of this movie seems to be the assortment of raunchy sex gags and I&#39;ll admit they do make you laugh (I actually laughed so hard at one point I spit out a mouth full of pop). But what really helps this movie is the likability and earnestness of the two guys. You can&#39;t help but sympathize with Ed and everyone&#39;s has a friend who is something like the Cooper character. <br/><br/>The plot mainly deals with Cooper and Ed&#39;s &quot;quest&quot; for sex over one long weekend. That is all it is, and all it was ever billed to be. And it goes over great. I admit, I was not too excited about it at first but now I am glad I saw it. If you don&#39;t like raunchy stories who flaunt sex jokes shamelessly, and if you didn&#39;t like Porky&#39;s or Fast Times at Ridgemont High, or American Pie don&#39;t go see it. Otherwise, go see it and laugh your *ss off. <br/><br/>Any guy will appreciate The Long Weekend full tilt, and girls will realize just what hoops guys jump through in order to get their attention, let alone in their pants. <br/><br/>What added to The Long Weekend is that I liked both the characters. I didn&#39;t know Chris Klein could act until I saw this film, this is the first time he&#39;s stepped out of his usual character and I have to say he steals the show. I was glad that they didn&#39;t make them the stereotype one nice one sleazy Ed ain&#39;t perfect and Cooper isn&#39;t all bad. The brothers have some genuine moments on the screen which adds to the film as a whole. <br/><br/>Dude, go see this if you want to laugh...I saw this in Europe when is it coming out in the States?!!

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Reviewed by sofiadelicia 8

This movie was very funny, went to see it with a gang of friends and it made us all laugh. Its the film to go to if you just want to be entertained. Its a lot like other gross-out films like American Pie, Meet the parents etc...but with a twist and it takes gross-out one step further. The guys I was with picked this out but I have to say the girls did just as much laughing as they did. Chris Klein did an awesome job as Cooper - we were all a little surprised that he was so good. The Ed character was also cute he basically plays the typical Jason Biggs character but was very sweet. Would recommend to anyone who just wants to go and have a laugh.

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Reviewed by mario_c 6

It&#39;s a typical teenage sex comedy film, except in one detail: it mixes to the plot, since the beginning until the end, some weird (sometimes extreme bizarre!) short videotape films (kind of &quot;candid-camera&quot;) showing, mainly, animals doing the most absurd and odd things related to sex (animal sex)! This movie turns extremely bizarre and unique because of that? Who had such idea?! That&#39;s completely crazy! <br/><br/>Apart of that unusual &quot;detail&quot;, it&#39;s just a &quot;normal&quot; teenage sex comedy that begins to be very funny, hilarious at parts, but which doesn&#39;t end so good? The ending could have been clearly better, because the last ten minutes have almost no fun and don&#39;t bring anything new to this genre. It&#39;s just a too predictable and conventional ending.<br/><br/>So, the &quot;innovation&quot; of this movie was actuality the odd &quot;detail&quot; of the short &quot;candid-camera&quot; films mixed in the plot!

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