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Reviewed by lora64 10

Crusty old Colonel Lloyd (Lionel Barrymore) is used to having his ornery way so when he finds out his daughter Elizabeth (Evelyn Venable) is determined to run off with Yankee Jack Shermon (John Lodge) to be married, he confronts her in a heated exchange and vows never to see her again if she does, and then she leaves.<br/><br/>Several years later Elizabeth, with her husband and their young daughter Miss Lloyd (Shirley Temple), decides to return to a small house that belonged to her mother and which happens to be next door to her stubborn father&#39;s home. Obviously there are soon accidental meetings between all concerned, and a few clashes of granddaughter and the elderly Colonel just to see who is the most stubborn! <br/><br/>Troubles descend on the Sherman family through some persuasive dishonest men who are out to rob them of their legal rights, and things start to get serious but grandpa comes to the rescue.<br/><br/>Becky (Hattie McDaniel) and Walker (Bill Robinson) certainly add some amusing dialog during their stroll, as in spelling out &quot;pohos&quot;; and Robinson&#39;s tap dancing is superb. Not surprisingly, little Shirley is right in there keeping pace with him as they both tap dance up the stairs. A great moment in film.<br/><br/>Nice family entertainment.

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Reviewed by Ron Oliver 10

Having earned her nickname due to her stubborn temper, THE LITTLE COLONEL courageously tries to reunite her splintered family.<br/><br/>Shirley Temple smiles, pouts, tosses her curly locks and completely runs away with the movie. One of her early family classics, this is an excellent showcase for her tremendous charm &amp; abundant talents. As box-office queen, the mighty moppet would dominate Hollywood during the second half of the 1930&#39;s. Never was a despot so welcomed or a tyrant so loved.<br/><br/>As one of the industry&#39;s finest character actors, crusty Lionel Barrymore gives the little lady a run for her money. Always entertaining, he knows when to purr or when to roar to maximum effect, even if he doesn&#39;t quite eclipse Little Miss Personality.<br/><br/>Hattie McDaniel adds her own unique gifts to the role of Shirley&#39;s faithful servant, never allowing her dignity to be demeaned. As always, she is a joy. The legendary Bill Robinson is also on hand, mostly, one suspects, so as to partner Shirley in a couple of dances and they are wonderful, especially in Robinson&#39;s signature Staircase Dance. They are perfectly matched - one ramrod straight &amp; ebony, the other tiny &amp; blonde - and their minutes together on the screen is the stuff of which movie magic is made.<br/><br/>Evelyn Venable &amp; John Lodge, as Shirley&#39;s parents (it&#39;s rare for her to have both all the way through a film) do nicely with the romantic angle, but it&#39;s kept to a minimum, as is usual in a Temple film, where the spotlight is kept firmly focused on her. Sidney Blackmer appears as a smooth swindler who makes the serious mistake of angering THE LITTLE COLONEL.<br/><br/>Although the film is given good production values by 20th Century Fox, it is the interaction between little Shirley and the other performers which far and away is the most important aspect of the picture.<br/><br/>It should be noted that there are elements of racism in the story line, a not uncommon occurrence in Hollywood films of the 1930&#39;s.<br/><br/>The final scene segues into early Technicolor - a pleasant way to end the story.

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 6

It&#39;s odd that Shirley Temple made two similar movies in the same year, both involving Civil War-type story lines and her character being very similar. &quot;The Littlest Rebel&quot; took place during the Civil War and &quot;The Little Colonel&quot; took place right after the war.<br/><br/>For some reason, I get an extra feeling being choked up seeing Shirley melting a crabby old man&#39;s heart as she did in some of her films, this being one of them. Here, it&#39;s Lionel Barrymore who was fun to watch in any film.<br/><br/>The lead female role was played by Evelyn Venable and she really wasn&#39;t up to the standards, beauty-wise, set by previous Temple adult feminine leads such s Gloria Stuart, Karen Moreley, Rochelle Hudson, etc. But, that&#39;s not important.<br/><br/>The story was more important and in case - surprise - I found this to run a distant second to the aforementioned &quot;The Littlest Rebel.&quot; This movie was, frankly, boring in comparison.<br/><br/>I am not one of the crying Liberals who boycott Temple&#39;&#39;s films because blacks in these movies were denigrated. Unfortunately, that&#39;s what you saw in 1930s films....and what&#39;s done is done. However, the black characters in here are just plain treated embarrassingly bad. Everyone&#39;s Mr. Nice Guy (mine, too) Bill Robinson, didn&#39;t come on the scene and dance with Shirley until later in the film when I had lost interest.<br/><br/>Temple, meanwhile, is so cute that she&#39;s even likable when she&#39;s a brat, as she acts several times with the old man (but apologizes later for her behavior).<br/><br/>It&#39;s still a good film but I prefer the &quot;Rebel&quot; over the &quot;Colonel&quot; in the battle of these 1935 Civil War-themed stories.

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