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Reviewed by boxjock 7

This movie was actually better than the synopsis indicates. I really didn't expect much of a story based on a prostitute making her client list public. Once I started watching, though, it was quite fascinating. However, I became confused by the profusion of names of characters that hadn't had much screen time. It made it difficult to follow who was doing what. Not a bad mystery, though.

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Reviewed by randyana 7

This was a confusing movie. Not only were there too many characters, there were too many names and it was not clear who was who. I would not watch this movie again. Save yourself some time and watch something else.

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Reviewed by Gritty Kitty 1

The List (2000) with Ryan O&#39;Neal is the worst! The worst of the worst!<br/><br/>Unlike the other user&#39;s comment, I was pulled in by the synopsis on the video-jacket. It was much better than the film. Seriously, don&#39;t waste your money!!! The writing was **utterly** cliché and boring. I wondered if perhaps an adolescent boy wrote and directed this one. The acting was stunted, awkward and just plain ol&#39; bad. Who were the characters? Who cares!!! And the sets reminded me of 80&#39;s noir, with the lighting through mini-blinds - eeeeyuk!<br/><br/>I must have said, &quot;why am I watching this??&quot; about 6 times before rewinding. It wasn&#39;t sexy, it wasn&#39;t thrilling and it wasn&#39;t worth making.<br/><br/>Oh God it was so bad!!! Not even &#39;good&#39; bad. Just bad.

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