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Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 5/10

"On that first night of course we didn't know who you were, or what youwould do to us, or what you would do to me." Martine (Ryder) is a NewYork playwright who is getting a chance to direct her boyfriend in anew play she wrote. Soon after rehearsals begin an unknown actor,Tyrone (Franco) shows up and begins to cause tension. His acting isgood but he is hostile to everyone except Martine. While the rehearsalsare going on Martine begins to become paranoid and thinks someone istrying to kill her. Her re-writes of the play begin to confuse theactors and the line between life and paranoia are blurred. First of allI will say this is not terrible but this is another movie that tries tobe artsy for the sake of being artsy. I find the easiest way todescribe movies sometimes are to compare them to others that many haveseen. I open with that because it seemed like this movie tried it'shardest to be like "Black Swan" but never quite making it. Very limitedscenery and actors but the main focus is on Martine's slow descent intomadness. You begin to question if she is just overly paranoid or if herconcerns are legit. This is the type of movie that keeps you wonderingabout that which helps you make it through. Overall, an OK movie buttried to be artsy for the sake of being artsy. I give it a B-.

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Reviewed by Gordon-11

This film tells the story of a female playwright, who is preparing forthe opening of her play. She experiences weird occurrences, and shebegins to doubt her sanity.<br><br>&#x22;The Letter&#x22; tries to be super artistic, as evidenced by super slowpace and the substitution of scenes with narration by the maincharacter, I wish there was no narration, and they just show the eventsnormally. The narration is plain and devoid of emotion, it does notgive the first person emotional account that is expected. Winona Ryderdoes not look convincing as a playwright or as a crazy person. In fact,she looks to pretty and too sane for her role. The so called suspensefails miserably, because the strange events are presented in suchsubtle manner. There is no intensity, engagement or thrill. The wholefilm is a complete bore. I don&#x27;t understand the beginning, middle orthe end. The suppose twist at the end is so laughable and unbelievable,because there is no motive described anywhere in the film. Even whentaking the low budget into account, &#x22;The Letter&#x22; could have bee so muchbetter.

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Reviewed by faithisagoodthing 10/10

When I first saw the trailer for this movie on YouTube, I like manythought are you joking.<br><br>The quality of the trailer was shockingly bad but I was still intriguedbecause I loved James Franco&#x27;s work and as well as a welcome return ina leading role by Winona Ryder, since I have been a fan of her work formany years.<br><br>Though, as it has already been stated, this movie is not to everyone&#x27;staste, but I&#x27;m not sure why this movie has such a low rating either?When you actually watch the movie, the quality seems to be alright.<br><br>Yes, it has extremely complex levels of dreams by Winona&#x27;s character(Martine), yet still very much entertaining. I thought the whole castacted strongly and were great.<br><br>It kind of reminded me somewhat of elements of Black Swan, Inceptionand Francophrenia especially in terms of levels. <br><br>Sometimes, people classify movies as bad, if they can&#x27;t breakdown thestory quickly but I still felt the character&#x27;s were warm.<br><br>However, I appreciate a movie that makes you think, and if a repeatviewing is necessary then why not? Anyway, I don&#x27;t really want to giveany spoilers away but I do think more people should view this movie andform their own opinions on the conclusion.<br><br>It&#x27;s actually not the worst movie you could ever see and I enjoyed itbut maybe, I&#x27;m biased because I love James and Winona. Seriously, itdeserves a higher rating.

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