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Reviewed by reynacubana 10

Being a huge Beatles and John Lennon fan I was surprised to see a take on that awful night John Lennon was shot that I wasn't aware of before. The story was so crazy so I did a little bit of research and couldn't believe it was basically a play by play of how it went down. Unlike most "based on true story" movies this really is mostly true. The acting was great and it really puts in you in gritty 1980 New York City. I think what I loved most was that the movie wasn't really centered on John Lennon the man, but about the people who did their best to keep the voice of a generation alive. It was such a tragic moment in time..I think they captured it well. Two thumbs up from this reviewer.

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Reviewed by claudioszynkier 5

Not as bad as some say here. There is some good cinema in the surgery room, on the NFL broadcast, near Dakota (should be more of this). But the scene at the locker room, with the nurse going to comfort the doctor, both bloody under the sound of the violin, is one of the lamest in the history of movies. Both actors didn't do well. And all the journalist thing (all the script enfolding that guy) is really bad cinema- and I don't care it was the "truth". Doesn't sound true. And 50% of the film goes like this.

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Reviewed by tfraneta 8

Even though we are not big Beatle fans we enjoyed the movie immensely. We lived through those times and had no idea of so many of the previously undisclosed facts surrounding the real event of an icon's tragic death. One of the best independent films we've enjoyed over the years and a film we would recommend even to the younger crowd who may not be as familiar with John Lennon. In this regard, the settings, costumes and scenery in general are all well done, and accurately portray the times. Those non-cellphone days are an interesting contrast for younger viewers to experience, especially from the reporting side. After having our interest piqued and delving further, we were rewarded with knowing the film was not a typical "based on fact" film, but one that very closely follows all the relevant facts.

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