The Land That Time Forgot


Action / Adventure

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Reviewed by equazcion 3

I can&#39;t say I got too far into this movie. If you&#39;ve ever seen a Sci-Fi original movie, that should give you some idea of what you&#39;re in for.<br/><br/>The CGI dinosaurs are laughable; they all look like cartoon cut-outs, which is unforgivable considering the current state of CGI technology. The characters are cliché. The blood looks like raspberry jam. This wreaks of a low-budget production all around, and worse, it wreaks of low effort. The acting was better than the film&#39;s other aspects, but could not possibly hope to redeem it.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t like writing bad reviews when I feel a genuine effort has been made, and/or that there was care for the material, but this feels entirely derivative (even keeping in mind that it&#39;s a remake) and hastily slapped together, like a cheap TV movie to fill an empty time slot.<br/><br/>Just to be clear, no, this isn&#39;t a fun B movie that&#39;s aware of itself. It seems to want you to take it seriously, as ridiculous as that request may seem to the viewer. I give it 3 stars to offer the benefit of the doubt, as I was too bored to watch very much of it.

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Reviewed by Joseph Richter Jr 3

I really wanted to like this -I&#39;ve enjoyed this story since I was a child, and was looking forward to a more modern telling of it. Sadly, the acting was so forced, so deplorable, that it was actually painful to sit through this. Perhaps the movie actually improved toward the end -I&#39;ll never know. I wasn&#39;t able to handle watching this sad excuse for shovelware of a movie. I didn&#39;t go into this expecting a special-effects extravaganza. I just expected competent acting. I mean REALLY, when they insist on remaking movies, shouldn&#39;t they actually try to improve the performances? Sigh. I couldn&#39;t give it anything less than a 3 because the story itself is a timeless classic -the writing didn&#39;t fail here, the acting did. Not really worth the time. Thats about all I can really say.

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Reviewed by ChimpyMatlock 1

This movie fails on almost every possible level:<br/><br/>Bad acting: check. <br/><br/>Poor direction: check. <br/><br/>Hackneyed script: check.<br/><br/>Painfully bad CG: check. <br/><br/>Odd pacing: check. <br/><br/>Timothy Bottoms looking embarrassed and wondering when he can go home and start drinking: check.<br/><br/>Run screaming, tripping and flailing away from this sad attempt at a movie.

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